Atlético-GO advances in Copa do Brasil with a victory over União-MT, securing R$3.25 million in prize money

Atlético-GO's journey continues as they prepare to face Real Brasília, a team that showcased their mettle by eliminating São Raimundo-RR.
Desmond Efe-Khaese
2024-02-22 15:35:36

Atlético-GO secured its spot in the next stage of the Copa do Brasil, following a spirited victory over União-MT. The scoreboard reflected a 3-1 win. But this victory didn’t just advance them in the tournament; it also boosted their earnings, bringing their total prize money to a handsome sum of R$3.25 million.


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From the outset, simply stepping onto the field for the first phase of the competition had already guaranteed Atlético-GO a tidy sum of R$1.47 million. The win in Rondonópolis was more than just a match triumph; it was a financial boon, adding another R$1.785 million to their coffers.

Let’s delve into the numbers

At the starting gate, teams from Series A are greeted with R$1.47 million, Series B teams with a slightly lesser R$1.312.5 million, and all other clubs start off with R$787.5 thousand. Advancing to the second phase sweetens the deal for Series A teams to R$1.785 million, nudges Series B teams up to R$1.47 million, and elevates other clubs to R$945 thousand.

As teams go further, the stakes rise. Reaching the third phase promises R$2.205 million. Breaking into the round of 16 elevates the prize to R$3.465 million. Quarter-finalists will see R$4.515 million. The semifinals double the ante with R$9.45 million. The runner-up stands to gain a substantial R$31.5 million, while the champion basks in the glory of a whopping R$73.5 million.

Should Atlético-GO carve their path to the third phase, the reward looming on the horizon is over R$2.205 million — a goal that is as lucrative as it is prestigious.