The story of Coventry City, United rival and home of the first Brazilian to play in the Premier

The team is the revelation of the FA Cup by reaching the semi-finals.
Desmond Efe-Khaese
2024-04-21 12:04:00

Coventry City became the surprise of this edition of the FA Cup and will play one of the semi-finals against Manchester City today at Wembley. Eighth in the current season of the second division of English football, it has a rich history and the milestone of having been the home of the first Brazilian to play in the Premier League.

The institution was founded in 1883 by a group of friends from a bicycle manufacturing company in the city of Coventry, located in the center of England, very close to Birmingham. During the 20th century they played in various categories, including 32 consecutive seasons in the country’s highest division.


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In this way, the club was part of the Premier League when it was inaugurated with that name in 1992. In a time of reconfiguration, without the global reach that it later obtained and in which there was a quota on the number of foreigners that each squad, in 1995 the club had the first Brazilian to play in the English first division.

Isaias, an attacker trained at Fluminense, came to the team from Benfica. An attacker of great physical condition and recognized for his combativeness on the field of play, his performance did not leave the best of memories in the Sky Blues (nickname of the team): he played about 14 games in two seasons and scored two goals, one of them against Chelsea.

Coventry City won the FA Cup in 1987 after beating Tottenham in the final. This is so far the only trophy in their history, although this year they are going for the big win and adding another cup to their showcase. It won’t be easy: in addition to their direct rival, Manchester United, in the other semi-final there are Manchester City and Chelsea.

Remembering Zagallo

Sambafoot Series launched a new documentary about the football legend Zagallo. Known as ‘Velho Lobo‘ and as superstitious as it gets, Zagallo helped shape what Brazilian football is nowadays — as a player and as a coach.

The first episode is available on Sambafoot’s Youtube channel and the series will receive weekly releases to tell this legend’s life story.