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Brazilian Corruption Scandal: The outcome and trial

Sambafoot were the first to bring this news to you.
Sambafoot was the first to bring you news about the Corruption Scandal during the match between Serie C sides Fortzleza and CRB, but the outcome has been branded 'nonsense'.

The alleged corruption happened during the Serie C match between Fortaleza and CRB when the home side had to win to stay up. Fortaleza were level on points with Campinense but were behind on goal difference by three goals.

First, Fortzleza delayed their entrance back to the field at half-time giving them a 22-minute break, allowing them to know the outcome of the Campinense match before they had finished their match with CRB. 

On the 85th minute, Fortaleza learnt Campinense had won 1-0 against Guarany Sobral. Fortaleza went on to score two more goals to make sure they won 4-0 but seemed to gesture towards the opposition in such a way that the result appeared to be rigged. 

Fortaleza seemed to inform their opponents of the need for 'one more goal' after scoring the third and CRB let them score a fourth without any serious opposition. Campinense were relegated because of the result but they appealed to the Superior Tribunal of Sports Justice (STJD).

The decision

Yeterday, the court delivered their verdict and the punishments for those involved. The board of Campinense has asked for Fortaleza to be relegated in place of themselves due to the corruption but they were left very disappointed by the outcome. 

The trial lasted five hours and both the Fortzleza and CRB sides escaped harsh punishment. Fortaleza was fined $20,000 for delaying the start of the second half, a fee which CRB will also pay and the away side will pay an additional $5,000 for a bottle being thrown onto the pitch.

Also, Carlinhos Bala, the player who appeared to persuade his opponents to concede one more goal, has been fined $10,000 and suspended for six matches. However, he spoke after the outcome and he is more concerned about the club and he believes justice has took place.

Carlinhos Bala said: "It is proof that God exists. My biggest concern was with Fortaleza and not myself and I am happy everything has worked out.

"I leave happy because justice has been done. If I have to pay, I have to pay. Just thank god we stayed in Serie C. I will accept my punishment. But we won honestly and didn't deserve to fall."

Campinense reaction

However, the President of Campinense William Simoes, who brought the case to court, has been left disgusted by the verdict. He has labelled it a 'conspiracy' which has been full of 'deceit and thievery' and they will appeal this decision and lobby for the relegation of Fortaleza.

Simoes said: "This was all a shame but we still have to hope we can reverse the decision. The second committee of the STJD has disqualified their good right to make solid judgements if they have made this decision for Fortaleza.

"We expect a different court to have a better understanding of the process and reverse the decision first. The fortress is so guilty and must be punished."


From the beginning of this scandal, Sambafoot has been following it very closely. I can't believe such an obvious corruption of our beautiful sport hasn't been punished properly. This has happened on more than one occasion (Viana scored nine goals in nine minutes against Chapadinha to gain promotion from the Second division in October 2009) and without either the STJD or the CBF willing to give out sufficient punishment, this problem of game rigging could continue.

Where it might not be as serious as match fixing for the object of profit like we are seeing in Finland and South Korea, and in Turkey, where it seems with increasing evidence, the majority of the Super Lig games were fixed; it still affects the morality of the sport. In any other industry or environment, a case like this would be treated as fraud due to the amount of money Campinense have been treated out of. When will the authorities wake up and start treating cases like this with more seriousness. 

Kieran Crowley

Video of the Scandal.


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