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Welcome to the betting guides’ section of Sambafoot. Here, we offer you 100% free, high-quality sports betting resources for beginners, advanced and professional punters. Our team of experts share everything they know from betting tips and strategies to the best sports to bet on and trends to watch.

You can learn every player in the world and every team stat there is. But, if you’re not knowledgeable about the right sports betting strategies, you’ll find success hard to come by when betting money on sports. Sambafoot Betting walks you step-by-step through the sports-betting process. Whether you are looking for a matched betting guide, bankroll management tips or any other form of online betting guide, our experts have you covered!

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At Sambafoot Betting, we cover every facet of sports betting to ensure that you have access to useful resources that make your real money betting journey smoother. Here, you will find 100% free online betting guides on topics such as Asian Handicap, Cash-Out Betting and Bankroll Management. Our experts break down concepts, trends and betting strategies to give you the resources you need to win.

But that’s not all! We also share the best websites for all types of sports betting. Whether you’re looking for betting sites that offer no deposit bonuses, live football or live streaming, you’ll find it all here. Sambafoot is your one-stop shop for everything sports betting in the UK!