Cnsuperpower Log Splitter is covered with lawns

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Cnsuperpower Log Splitter is covered with lawns

Messagepar BerniceSparks » 11 Mars 2017, 04:42

(20) Performance Built Log Splitter grass grass ineffective reasons there are those?

A) Possible causes are the following:

B) set the long-term use of straw bags did not clean up, resulting in unclean, airtight led to poor grass;

C) row of grass mouth long-term clean up, plot grass plug the grass row, resulting in poor grass row;

D) blade wear too much, knife blade can not get grass effect;

E) engine wear, power loss is too large, low blade rotation speed lead to poor grass.

(21) What are the advantages of lawn mowing?

The lawn mowers are neither grass nor grass when they are sheared, but are cut into grass blades and crushed in the cutterheads, and the lawn is covered with lawns. The lawn is trimmed with lawn mowers After the grass to stay in place is very fine, then, do not need to set grass, lawn looks very beautiful, gives the feeling is very fine. Because no grass, work efficiency can be doubled. Scientists have proven that shredded grass cover will not produce the impact of breathable, permeable, permeable and easy to breed pests and diseases of dense grass carpets. Grass carp is the main ingredient of leaves, stems of cellulose, rather than the leaves themselves, the grass is completely fried grass leaves, water content is often as high as 85% or more, so the decomposition rate is very fast, can promote moisture, nutrients quickly decomposed Come out and give the lawn.

(22) Why can not the mount lawn mower be crooked?

This is mainly from the security point of Log Splitter view, to prevent the back of the knife when the knife and other hard objects to hurt animals, and even children. However, as long as the cutter does not rotate, you can still easily back.
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