Nathan Fernandes tries to follow the same path as former Grêmio players with a move to Europe at a young age

The striker is regarded as one of the most promising members of the tricolor base.
2022-04-23 01:34:53

Nathan Fernandes is one of the most promising prospects in Grêmio’s basic categories in recent years, and he has already piqued the foreign market’s interest. Similar to former tricolors in Everton Cebolinha, who moved to Benfica in 2020, and Pepê, who went to Porto in 2021, Fernandes might be the next to leave the Rio Grande do Sul club.

Even at the age of 17, the striker from Campo dos Goytacazes in Rio de Janeiro’s interior stands out for his technique, ease of going past opponents, physical explosion, and strong finishing ability.

Nathan came in Grêmio in 2019 to defend the Rio Grande do Sul team’s under-15 divisions. He signed his first professional deal two years later, which included a three year deal and a €40 million release clause.

According to “Portal do Gremista,” the teenage striker has already been courted by prominent European clubs like Juventus, Barcelona, and Roma, despite having yet to make his professional debut. It may only be a matter of time until he departs, but the immediate priority is to secure his position in Brazilian football.

The striker, who was injured and missed the 2022 Copa São Paulo, has teamed up with group Twelve, which is led by Real Madrid’s Marcelo and intends to improve the player’s image in Europe.

“It’s a reward for all of the hard work I’ve put in from the beginning of my career.” I am overjoyed at the prospect of Marcelo’s firm working on my image in Europe. Despite the collaboration and the surveys I’ve been getting, Grêmio remains my exclusive priority. In a recent interview with the website “Minha Torcida,” Nathan said, “I have the goal of defending the club’s colours in the professional team, and I am certain that this acclaim I have been getting just enhances my daily devotion even more.”

According to the website “Minha Torcida,” Ajax, a Dutch club, have already initiated formal contacts in an attempt to learn more about the athlete. However, the management company in charge of the striker’s career, RG Sports, feels that the best thing for him is to concentrate on Brazilian football first. They have issued an official statement to the site.

“Although Grêmio consider Nathan to be a much above average player, a phenomenon, we think as a firm that he has a route to take and that the athlete is still developing.” Nathan has shown much above average talent since he was ten years old, and this has been demonstrated throughout the years.”

Other Gremio pledges 

Grêmio, currently in the Brazilian Championship’s second tier, is fortunate to have a fan base that has developed proficiency at spotting talented players. Admittedly, it is considerably less expensive to promote players from the younger layers than it is to employ athletes.

Bitello, a 22-year-old midfielder who was named best player in the 2022 Gaucho Championship, and Gabriel Silva, a 19-year-old midfielder, are two examples of players that can help the huge gaucho club return to the first tier of national football.

About Grêmio

Despite playing in the Brasileirão Serie B, Grêmio is regarded as one of Brazil’s most prominent clubs. The tricolor, which was founded in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, in 1903, play their home games in Arena do Grêmio, which seats more than 55,000 supporters.

The team from Rio Grande do Sul’s capital have won the Copa Libertadores da América three times (1983, 1995, and 2017), making them the only Brazilians to accomplish it (together with Sao Paulo, Palmeiras, and Santos). Grêmio were the Interclub World Cup winners in 1983.

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