Gabriel Silva – young promise from the Grêmio base generates expectations and can help the club in 2022

Learn about the other Grêmio young athletes that have already joined the professional team.
2022-04-01 20:48:14

Grêmio, who will compete in the Brazilian Championship’s Serie B this season, might benefit from significant assistance throughout the year. Gabriel Silva, a 19-year-old midfielder, scored his first professional goal in a 2-2 tie against Novo Hamburgo (5/3) in a match that qualified for the Campeonato Gacho’s 10th round (out of 11). The tricolor board sees him as one of the club’s basic categories’ bright spots.

“I’d want to dedicate this goal to my grandpa, who passed away two days ago; it’s been a really trying period for me.” His life’s ambition was to see me play professionally, and he succeeded. It’s an incredible feeling to score a goal for a club as large as Grêmio. The first is always memorable, and I want to express my gratitude to the coaching staff as well as all of the players that assisted me. I feel there is a chemistry deficit, which is common at the start of the season. “But the supporters may relax because we will progress during the season,” Gabriel Silva remarked after the game in an interview.

On July 3, 2002, the player was born in Brasil. In a 3rd round encounter for Gaucho, he came close to scoring in his professional debut in a 2-1 victory over So José (2/2). The Grêmio gem had already drew the attention of everyone watching the sport at the time. Marquinhos Pitbull, a former Botafogo player who coached Gabriel Silva at So Caetano’s youth levels, gushed over the midfielder in an interview with the GHZ site.

“He goes out to both sides, but forgets when he falls on the left side.” It didn’t take me long to see that he is unique. I watched the swing, the unusual domination, twice he took the ball. He is a brilliant individual. He has a lot of skill, just like Neymar,” he said.

Gabriel Silva now has the onerous task of assisting Grêmio in their return to the Brazilian Championship’s top division for the duration of the season. The tricolor gaucho was ousted from the Copa do Brasil in the first round on March 1, after losing 3 to 2 against Mirassol. They are in second position with 18 points (3 less than the leader Ypiranga) in Series B in 2022, with Gaucho remaining. The state championship began on January 26 and will conclude on April 2nd. From April 9 until November 5, the “second season” runs.

Other youngsters in the Grêmio squad

Grêmio are in a precarious financial condition after being demoted to the Brasileiro’s Série B at the conclusion of previous season. Several well-known players had to leave the club, including offensive midfielder Douglas Costa, who moved to the Los Angeles Galaxy from the United States. At these situations, the basic category may be “country salvation,” because the answer could come from within the institution itself, rather than spending money on players.

Check out the table below to see who else has been announced by the Immortal Tricolor and who is presently part of the primary team roster (as of March 7th).

Player Position Age
Adriel Goalkeeper 21 years
Brenno Goalkeeper 22 years
Elias Manoel Attacker 20 years
Fernando Henrique Midfielder 20 years
Ferreirinha Attacker 24 years
Gabriel Chapecó Goalkeeper 21 years
Mateus Sarará Midfielder 19 years
Pedro Lucas Midfielder 19 years
Rildo Midfielder 22 years
Victor Bobsin Midfielder 22 years

About Grêmio

Grêmio is regarded as one of the most significant clubs in Brazilian football, even when they are on a dismal run. The tricolor, which was founded in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, in 1903, plays its home games in Arena do Grêmio, which seats more than 55,000 supporters.

The team from Rio Grande do Sul’s capital has won the Copa Libertadores da América three times (1983, 1995, and 2017), making them the only Brazilians to accomplish it (together with So Paulo, Palmeiras, and Santos). Grêmio was the Interclub World Cup winner in 1983.

Will Grêmio’s youthful players be able to assist the team return to the top flight in 2022? Sambafoot will keep you up to date on everything that will happen in the world of football this year.