Apart from Endrick, who else starred in Copinha?

Discover what the tournament's 2022 campaign promises.
2022-02-02 12:13:02

Palmeiras’ consecration, which marked the end of their drought and secured the club’s first title, brought Copinha 2022 to a close. Asides the title, Verdao also granted Endrick his debut, a 15-year-old youth who has a promising future in Brazilian football.

Even at a young age, the striker already became a key player for Palmeiras, and he was on the radar of a number of European clubs. Asides him, the Copa Sao Paulo lived up to their purpose of exposing youthful potential, and other players performed well throughout the tournament.

Copinha’s sensation, Endrick

Endrick was definitely Copinha’s star. The most amazing thing is that the Palmeiras striker is only just 15 years old, thus the tournament will be a chance for the alviverde gem to gain experience. However, the success was even more than expected.

He only played in seven games (three of them as a starter), but he scored six goals. He scored once every 48 minutes on the field, including the match-winning goal against Santos.

Without a doubt, his most spectacular outing was in the quarterfinals versus Oeste. From outside the area, a bicycle kick pierced the angle of the opposing goalie. The Dener Prize for 2022 was won by a Puskás level bid.

Endrick’s social media fans praised him, and his Instagram account now has over 700,000 followers. For the boy, popularity came early, and he is already well-known both in the United States and abroad.

Europe’s eye giants

At Copinha, his exceptional accomplishments were well-received. Abel Ferreira declined to register Palmeiras fans for the Club World Cup, advising the child to “go to Disney.” A necessary precaution in order to safeguard the diamond he’s holding at the club.

His name was splashed throughout the internet and in newspapers across Europe. Endrick is being pursued by football powerhouses who recognize his potential. Barcelona, Manchester United, and Real Madrid, according to reports, were among the teams interested in knowing more about the youngster.

For the time being, he insists that his whole focus is on Palmeiras and that he wants to win more titles. In any event, he won’t be allowed to leave until he’s eighteen years old. However, if he continues to improve in the coming years, keeping him in the Verdo jersey for a long time would be difficult.

Young talents will be showcased at Copinha 2022

The Copa Sao Paulo de Futebol Junior is a youth football tournament known for showcasing potential young players. Despite the fact that Endrick, the young protégée, was the show’s star, other players stood out and are anticipated to join professional teams in the near future. For your convenience, three of them have been split!

Giovanni (Palms)

Endrick was the star, but Giovanni played a key role in Palmeiras’ first Copinha victory. He was outstanding throughout the campaign, displaying exceptional technical abilities and scoring a stunning goal in the final versus Santos.

At the age of 18, he made his professional debut for the Verdo professional with the right to score. Supporters consider him a diamond, and he has been pursued by Ajax in recent days, but he will remain at the club for the time being.

Rwan Seco (Santos)

He was the standout name of Santos’ runner-up season in Copinha, with six goals and two assists. Because of his attacking versatility, Rwan was awarded the best striker of the tournament by the Spanish journal “AS.”

In addition to functioning as a reference and scoring goals, he may go outside of the region to help construct the game. Santos’ rights were acquired from Flamengo-SP, and his contract runs through 2024, so he should be available to play this season.

Vitinho (Sao Paulo)

He was the best player for Sao Paulo in the competition, who went to the semifinals. He scored five goals and provided three assists for an average of one goal per match at Copinha, showcasing his finishing ability and ability to recognize open spaces on the field.

Despite this, Sao Paulo risk losing him for no reason. At the age of 20, he said his farewell to the Copinha youth and has a contract with the club until June. The agreement is currently being renewed, and the player must be registered at Paulistão in order to participate.

The Sao Paulo Cup is over, and a new generation of stars have arisen. Now it’s time to keep a watch on Endrick and other up-and-comers who are sure to please fans in the coming years!