They moved millions! More Brazilian players arrive at Premier League

Willian, Antony, Casemiro, Renan Lodi, Lucas Paqueta move to England to boost Brazil in the Premier League.
2022-09-06 10:15:29

This season, two of the greatest acquisitions in English football were Richarlison and Gabriel Jesus. Together, Arsenal and Tottenham spent around $ 600 million to acquire the strikers from Everton and Manchester City, respectively.

However, they were not the only Brazilians that helped English Premier League teams get rid of the “scorpion of the pocket.” Five Tupiniquin players have just been named by teams in the most competitive league in the world.

More Brazilian players arrive at Premier League

Gabriel Jesus was a Manchester City player who cost Arsenal £45 million to acquire. Richarlison was already acquired by Tottenham for GBP 50 million (or $ 315 million) from Everton.

And, believe it or not, these players from Brazil weren’t the most costly ones available in the English transfer market this year. Antony, a former Sao Paulo and Ajax player, was the most “valued” of the five Tupiniquin sportsmen who just arrived in the country of the Queen.

Antony and Casemiro

The signing of Antony, a midfielder often called upon by Tite for the Brazilian side, by Manchester United was announced on August 30. To the Red Devils, the player cost an astounding € 100 million (about R $ 520 million).

A player who played in Dutch football and was at Ajax made this the most costly move in his career. The 22-year-old has agreed to sign a five-year contract with his new team.

Casemiro, a 30-year-old defensive midfielder who formerly played for Real Madrid, is the captain of the Brazilian national team. His signing, which cost the new club R $ 312 million (€ 60 million), came immediately before that of his compatriot on August 19. He signed a four-year deal.

Lucas Paquetá

A day before Antony’s announcement about Manchester United, Lucas Paqueta had been signed by West Ham while he was still in Lyon. The athlete, who is regarded as the leader of the Brazilian squad, is one of Tite’s “darlings.”

Paquetá, who is 25 years old, cost the London club € 60 million (about $ 312 million). He also agreed to a five-year deal with his new team.

Renan Lodi

The day after Paquetá made his announcement, Nottingham Forest, a team that had just been promoted from the English Championship, revealed that they had hired left-back Renan Lodi, who had lost his starting spot with Atletico Madrid the previous year.

The footballer, who has not been called up for the Brazilian squad in a while, has stirred up controversy by refusing to get a Covid-19 vaccination. However, he did finish his vaccine programme in February of this year.

Lodi, 24, was paid € 5 million ($ 26 million) to be loaned to the new team for the duration of the season.


On August 29, midfielder Willian returned to English football after recently leaving Corinthians due to threats he received from the supporters. In the past, he had guarded Chelsea and Arsenal there; this time, Fulham’s new reinforcement will be the target.

As he had no club, the athlete did not join his new squad on a “free” transfer and instead agreed to a season’s contract. Since 2019, he has not worked for the Brazilian squad despite being 34 years old.

Brazilians at Premier League

The 2022/2023 Premier League is the 121st edition of the Premier League. Twenty teams will compete for the tournament’s championship, which started on August 6 of this year and won’t conclude until May 28, 2023.

In the competition, which currently boasts Manchester City as the champion and Manchester United as the all-time champion, 28 Brazilians will take to the field.

Who are the players?

Check out the list of Brazilians who will participate in the current Premier League campaign.

  • Arsenal: Gabriel Jesus, Gabriel Martinelli, Gabriel Magalhães and Marquinhos;
  • Aston Villa: Philippe Coutinho, Douglas Luiz and Diego Carlos;
  • Chelsea: Thiago Silva and Kenedy;
  • Everton: Allan;
  • Fulham: Andreas Pereira, Rodrigo Muniz and Willian;
  • Liverpool: Alisson, Fabinho and Roberto Firmino;
  • Manchester City: Ederson;
  • Manchester United: Antony, Casemiro and Fred;
  • Newcastle: Bruno Guimarães and Joelinton;
  • Nottingham: Renan Lodi;
  • Southampton: Lyanco
  • Tottenham: Richarlison, Lucas Moura and Emerson Royal;
  • West Ham: Lucas Paquetá.