Rodrygo Goes joins the ‘mourning’ for Santos’ relegation with a message on social media

The Brazilian winger spent seven years at Peixe before joining Real Madrid
Martín O'Donnell
2023-12-09 09:00:33

The final matchday of the 2023 Brasileirao was marked by Santos’ relegation to the Brazilian Serie B. The fall of Peixe gave a lot to talk about in world football, not only because it was the first time they dropped to the second division but also due to the club’s history of success and star players.

In addition to ‘O Rei’ Pelé, the greatest icon in Brazilian football history, Santos had other renowned figures over the years such as Neymar, Robinho, and Rodrygo. Recently, the Real Madrid star joined the messages dedicated to the club during this challenging time.


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Rodrygo’s message of support for Santos

“I will be of Santos even if the ball does not go in, even if the Villa falls silent, even if the Sacred Mantle fades away, even if victory is far away. I will be of Santos no matter how long the journey, no matter how tough the walk. Santos in the chest and in the soul, in the shouts and in the applause!” wrote the winger on social media.

Rodrygo joined the youth categories of Santos in 2011 when he was just 10 years old. In 2018, he was signed by Real Madrid after showing great potential. Despite being far away geographically, his love for the club and the fond memories of his time there keep the connection alive.