In Red? Brazilian side shines in Europe and can defend the Spanish national team

The dual nationality squad, which has no prospects with the Brazilian national team, is having a successful period in European football and has come into Spain's radar for potential future calls.
2022-09-20 07:35:50

For other teams, Brazil has already “exposed” outstanding players. These sportsmen even participated in the World Cup while wearing different jerseys, whether it was due to a lack of opportunities or familial pressure.

For instance, Thiago Alcántara (Spain) and Deco (Portugal) are two players that would be eligible for the Brazilian National Team. Next on that list may be a full-back who has a successful career in Europe.

With dual nationality, Caio Henrique can defend Spain

In the next months, Monaco-born winger Caio Henrique may have an opportunity to play for Spain. The player, who has dual citizenship and has little chance of making the Brazilian side, would have no difficulties defending the European giants.

He was transferred from Santos to Atlético de Madrid at the start of his career, where he played from 2016 to 2018. He was granted Spanish nationality for the time he resided there and for continuing to do so.

He is currently enjoying himself at Monaco and considering playing for Spain should he be called up. There have been 20 assists and a lot of acclaim for the French outfit since the start of the 2020–2021 season.

Spanish press reported the possibility

Caio Henrique may be called up by Spain, the daily “Marca” said last week. This happened when Tite released the final roster before to the World Cup in Qatar.

The former Fluminense player was a name that existed as a possibility to fill one of the openings on the left side after Guilherme Arana’s terrible injury. However, Tite called Alex Sandro (Juventus) and Alex Telles.

After the first was injured and had to be removed last Wednesday, the situation deteriorated. The Brazilian National Team’s coach selected Nottingham Forest’s Renan Lodi, who is not having a good time right now and has been passed over in prior calls.

Naturalized Brazilians support the idea

So it seems certain that Caio Henrique won’t be a part of the Brazilian National Team, at least not anytime soon. As a result, numerous athletes who have done so in the past defend this career move.

Deco and Diego Costa, according to “Marca,” are in favour of this modification. The first is a representation of Caio Henrique, while the second is one of the football-winning teammates from Monaco.

In fact, they are two examples of players who have been successful in their national teams. Deco played two World Cups for Portugal (2006 and 2010), the same number as Diego Costa for Spain (2014 and 2018).

Caio Henrique played for Brazil in the youth categories

Caio Henrique, who is no longer on the national squad, has previously engaged in the yellow and blue. He played numerous games through the ranks for the national team prior to making his professional debut, and was a brilliant discovery for Santos in the youth divisions.

It’s important to keep in mind that while the player first played as a midfielder, it was at Fluminense that he switched to the side and made his Brazilian football debut. Coach Fernando Diniz encouraged the position switch at the time, and it was successful.

He played for Grêmio in the first half of 2020 after being featured at Fluminense in 2019. He then signed a five-year contract with Monaco. He is now one of the top Brazilians on the left side of the field.

Absence from the Olympics and the 2022 World Cup cycle

The absence from the Tokyo Olympics in 2021 has an impact on the potential call-up to Spain. He was passed over by Guilherme Arana and Abner Vincius, despite having 22 names on the list.

The specifics are that Caio Henrique’s name was left off the list as a surprise after coach André Jardine phoned him on several occasions over the Olympic cycle.

There was talk about the full-back protecting Fury in the Olympics at that time. He is now able to show up and join Luis Enrique’s team’s pros.

Other Brazilians have played for Roja in the past

The other Brazilians that defended the Spanish national team might be joined by Caio Henrique. Diego Costa, a striker who represented Spain in two World Cups, was the most recent.

Along with him, Thiago Alcântara and Rodrigo Moreno also gather summons. Although he was born in Italy and has Brazilian citizenship, the midfielder, who is the son of four-time champion Mazinho, decided to represent Spain.

Before then, other Brazilians who played for Spain’s national team were Catha, Donato, Heraldo Bezerra, and Marcos Senna. What about Caio Henrique? The prospect is conceivable.