Gabriel Jesus has been shining in Manchester City’s last games, but has had an irregular season for the English club

Forward made history by being the first Brazilian to score four goals in a Premier League encounter.
2022-05-05 09:57:16

Forward made history by being the first Brazilian to score four goals in a Premier League encounter.

Gabriel Jesus had been forgotten both at the club and at the national level, but in recent games for Manchester City, he has begun to flourish again. On April 23, he became the first Brazilian player to score four goals in a Premier League match, defeating Watford 5-1.

Coach Tite may consider Jesus for the Brazilian national team again following his recent efforts, although he is having his worst season since joining Manchester City in the 2016-2017 season. As of April 28, when this article was published, the forward has scored 12 goals in 36 games played in 2021-2022. The average is 0.33 goals per match.

Compare the striker’s performance at the recent World Cup with the Brazilian side to his previous seasons with the English club. The information is taken from the “oGol” website.

Season Games Goals Average (goals per game)
2016-2017 11 7 0,64
2017-2018 42 17 0,40
2018-2019 47 21 0,45
2019-2020 53 23 0,43
2020-2021 42 14 0,33
2021-2022 36 12 0,33


The average number of goals per game is the same as previous season, although he played fewer games this year and scored less goals.

Jesus is having an impact across the board, not just in the Premier League. The Brazilian started and scored one of the goals in Manchester City’s 4-3 triumph against Real Madrid (on April 26), which was the opening battle of the current season’s UEFA Champions League semi-final.

Will Gabriel Jesus’ “rebirth” get the attention of Brazilian team coach Tite? Jesus is often called up by the coach, but his inconsistency in recent months, both for club and national team, has already put doubt on his participation in the World Cup, which will be held in Qatar at the end of the year.

Gabriel will have to show to the Brazilian fans that he can swing the net for the Brazilian squad again as soon as possible, since he has a lot of doubts because he hasn’t scored a goal for Hopscotch since the Cup final on July 7, 2019. Brazil defeated America 3-1.

First Brazilian to score 4 goals in the Premier League

 Gabriel Jesus excelled in City’s 5-1 Premier League victory against Watford on April 23, becoming the first Brazilian to score four goals in a single tournament encounter.

This statistic may revive the striker’s desire to compete in the World Cup, since just four other countrymen of the striker have scored at least three goals in the same tournament game.

Take a look at who they are.

  • Afonso Alves, for Middlesbrough, in 2008;
  • Robinho, for Manchester City, in 2009;
  • Lucas Moura, for Tottenham, in 2019;
  • Roberto Firmino, for Liverpool, in 2018;
  • Roberto Firmino, for Liverpool, in 2021.

Gabriel Jesus may be leaving City

Gabriel Jesus put in one of his greatest displays in a Manchester City jersey only a week after fellow English side Arsenal set their sights on him ahead of the 2022-2023 season.

The 25-year-old attacker is in the sights of the London club’s football director, Brazilian Edu Gaspar, who previously worked with Jesus in the national team, according to an article published on April 22 by the site “The Athletic.”

The strong performances and the fact that he is back to the starting lineup, on the other hand, may put a halt to discussions.

About Manchester City

 Manchester City lead the Premier League by one point over Liverpool after 33 of 38 matches have been played. They are also in the UEFA Champions League semi-finals, where they are seeking to overcome Real Madrid for the second year in a row in order to reach the tournament’s final.

Pep Guardiola’s starring and winning squad features Brazilians Fernandinho (midfielder) and Ederson (goalkeeper), in addition to Brazilians Fernandinho (midfielder) and Ederson (goalkeeper) (goalkeeper).