Bye, fasting! With PSG title, Neymar surpasses the number of CR7

The Brazilian star, who is just the second current player to have scored goals in finals, has not scored a free-kick since 2019.
2022-08-09 12:37:27

The possibility of Neymar leaving PSG was discussed in the international press a few weeks ago, but this topic is currently being discussed significantly less often. For the Parisian club, the Brazilian star seems to overcome obstacles by scoring goals and even winning a championship.

At Bloomfield Stadium in Tel Aviv, Israel, on July 31, the French Super Cup final was held. The match went well for the team of Messi, Mbappé, Neymar, and company: they triumphed 4-0 and won the cup for the 11th time in the club’s history.

The Brazilian player was one of the finest on the field, scored twice, broke quickly, and made a significant impression throughout the game.

Neymar breaks free-kick streak

After more than two years, Neymar finally scored a free-kick goal for PSG in the decisive French Supercup match. In the game, he added another goal from a set piece, but it was a penalty. Messi and Sergio Ramos scored the other goals in the 4-0 victory against Nantes.

On December 7, 2019, Neymar scored his final goal in this manner in a 3-1 victory against Montpellier for the 2019–2020 French Championship. The former Barcelona player has missed 47 chances since then.

Neymar’s free-kick goals for PSG

Neymar scored his eighth free-kick goal while wearing a PSG jersey since joining the team in 2017. To locate them all, go through the list below.

  • 1st: PSG 6-2 Bordeaux (French Championship 2017/2018);
  • 2nd: Anderlecht 0-4 PSG (UEFA Champions League 2017/2018);
  • 3rd: PSG 8-0 Dijon (French Championship 2017/2018);
  • 4th: Lille 0-3 PSG (French Championship 2017/2018);
  • 5th and 6th: PSG 6-1 Red Star (UEFA Champions League 2018/2019);
  • 7th: Montpellier 1-3 PSG (French Championship 2019/2020);
  • 8th: PSG 4-0 Nantes (Supercup de France 2022).

Selection ace beats CR7’s mark

 When Neymar scored two goals in the French Super Cup final, he also accomplished a significant feat: he moved up to second position among current players in terms of goals scored in championship finals.

The Brazilian star outscored Manchester United’s Cristiano Ronaldo, who had 20 goals in 35 decisions, by scoring 21 goals in 35 official competition finals that he participated in during his successful career.

Ranking of players who scored the most goals in finals

Neymar now ranks second among active players with the most finals goals just behind his PSG colleague, Lionel Messi of Argentina. Compare each athlete’s current club with their overall rating.

  • 1st place: Lionel Messi (PSG): 32 goals in 46 matches;
  • 2nd place: Neymar (PSG): 21 goals in 35 matches;
  • 3rd place: Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United): 20 goals in 35 matches;
  • 4th place: Robert Lewandowski (Barcelona): 16 goals in 23 matches;
  • 5th place: Karim Benzema (Real Madrid): eight goals in 29 matches.

Neymar’s goals in finals

All of Neymar’s goals in championship games during his career, which he started with Santos in 2009, are shown in the table below.

goal no. Decision Adversary
1 e 2 Campeonato Paulista 2010 Santo André
3 Copa do Brasil 2010 Vitória
4 Campeonato Paulista 2011 Corinthians
5 Copa Libertadores 2011 Peñarol
6, 7, 8 e 9 Campeonato Paulista 2012 Guarani
10 Recopa Sul-Americana 2012 Universidad de Chile
11 Copa das Confederações 2013 Espanha
12 Supercopa da Espanha 2013 Atlético de Madrid
13 Copa do Rei 2015 Athletic Bilbao
14 Liga dos Campeões 2015 Juventus
15 Copa do Rei 2016 Sevilla
16 Copa do Rei 2017 Alavés
17 Copa da França 2019 Rennes
18 Copa da França 2020 Saint-Étienne
19 Supercopa da França 2020 Olympique de Marseille
20 e 21 Supercopa da França 2022 Nantes

Neymar will “make peace” with the PSG supporters and management if things keep going this way, and he will stay at the Parisian club for a lot longer. Here at Sambafoot, keep tabs on anything that involves Brazilian athletes that have played overseas!