Why young stars Endrick and Vitor Roque won’t play in the U20 World Cup

Ramon Menezes regretted not having the players available
Josué Seixas
2023-05-20 15:37:56

Tomorrow, Brazil will debut against Italy in the U20 World Cup. The Brazilian team also shares group D with Nigeria and the Dominican Republic.

Brazil will face the Cup of the category as South American champion after achieving it last February in the tournament held in Colombia. Many of the players who won the title in that competition will repeat and others will not be present, such as tournament scorer Vitor Roque.


Regarding the most brilliant absences, Vitor Roque and Endrick, the coach of the U20 spoke about it: “We all lose: the team, the club and the athletes”, lamented the coach Ramon Menezes. In any case, the manager affirms that it is understandable by the clubs, despite the fact that he would like to have the players available.

Menezes also clarified that he sought not to generate a conflict between the clubs and the National Team where the footballers were left in the middle and public opinion could turn against them in this regard. Therefore, he preferred to walk away from the participation of two figures for his group as that they continue to develop in their respective teams.