The young defender of Sao Paulo who is compared to Éder Militão and receives praise from Spain

At just 19 years old, Lucas Beraldo has already established himself as a starter in the Tricolor
Desmond Efe-Khaese
2023-09-24 10:23:40

For many years, Brazil had nothing to worry about on defense. However, after so much time, generational change seems imminent. That is why many are already beginning to look for the future successor of Thiago Silva, and perhaps even Marquinhos. Lucas Beraldo appears on the list of possible heirs.

The 19-year-old central marker is one of the great promises of Sao Paulo, a club in which he managed to earn a place as a starter in a handful of games. Among her most important attributes are her temperance and timing to anticipate attackers, as well as good ball handling.


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Beraldo, the new Militão?

Because they emerged from the same club, certain parallels have already begun to be drawn between Beraldo and Éder Militão. The Real Madrid defender made his professional debut in 2017 with the tricolor team and left for Europe a year later.

Beraldo’s evolution is something to talk about not only in his country, but also in Spain. The Marca newspaper contacted Mateus Pinheiro, a Brazilian journalist who covers Sao Paulo news in Itatiaia to find out more about the young defender. “Since he was a child, Beraldo has played as a winger, midfielder and centre-back, so he is a guy who naturally has an enormous facility to come out playing, to drive the ball and to dominate the play with impressive calm,” he explained.

“I think that tranquility is what draws the most attention, precisely because he is a 19-year-old guy, but with the maturity of a ready player. He has good characteristics, others worse, but he is impressive.”

Furthermore, Pinheiro referred to comparisons with Militão: “I think Militão is a specific case of very great evolution already in Europe, even thinking about the step he had in Porto, which is a huge player development center. I think Militão is a European product, taking into account the quality he showed when he left Brazil. So Beraldo does have a better start than Militão, despite having similar qualities.”