Sávio in Barcelona’s sights? Deco praises the Brazilian jewel of Girona

The Brazilian attacker is one of the revelation figures in LaLiga, and the Blaugrana sports director did not hide his admiration
Josué Seixas
2023-12-07 12:26:48

Girona is the great revelation at the start of the 2023-24 LaLiga season, with Sávio as one of its most outstanding players. The Brazilian arrived in Spain this summer on loan from Troyes, and has not taken long to adapt: ​​so far he has played in all 15 of his team’s league games, with four goals and the same number of assists.

The notable evolution of the former Atlético Mineiro has caused talk in Europe, with Manchester City as a possible destination since his record belongs to the City Football Group. Of course, where it attracted the most attention is at the local level. Deco, Barcelona’s sporting director, did not want to declare whether he has interest in Sávio or not, but he did make it clear that he predicts great potential.


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Deco sees a future for Sávio

“Spanish football likes this type of player with dribbling ability. In Spain, he continued, people love having the opportunity to watch beautiful football, with players of technical quality and Sávio fits into this historical profile that Spanish football has always had,” said the Portuguese, in dialogue with Globo.

“He is at the beginning of his career and is attracting attention, he is a young player who has a lot of future. If it continues along this line of growth it will be very successful in Spain,” he added.

Sávio’s steps are closely watched by the City Football Group, which would only let him go to a club that does not belong to its team portfolio if it is for an exorbitant amount. In any case, if the Brazilian continues down this path, he will most likely end up at Manchester City.