Santos advances in partnership talks with PSG owners

With help from Neymar's family, the Qatari fund QSI approaches a deal with the traditional Brazilian club
Josué Seixas
2023-05-31 14:49:51

The Qatari fund behind PSG (QSI) is interested in partnering with Santos. The negotiations that were helped thanks to Neymar’s father have borne fruit and the parties have become considerably closer.

As reported by Globo, Santos views these advances with great optimism and it is expected that the agreement is getting closer to being signed. From the Brazilian club it is understood that the negotiations reached a good port and it only remains to put what was discussed in writing.


The idea, both of the club and of the investment group, is that the Qataris take part in the football department, transfers and negotiations but that they do not decide the future of the club as a whole. In this way, the team would have an important injection of capital but would maintain sovereignty over the club.

The next step, it is reported, is for the Qatari fund to open a company in Brazil to be able to negotiate the percentage of the club that will pass into its possession. Santos thinks that this percentage should not exceed 50%. This type of deal is unprecedented in Brazil but has been carried out in other parts of the world such as Bayern Munich or Benfica.