Samba Gold 2022: Under-20 football grows and exposes the evolution of the sport

Sambafoot's annual award debuts a new under-20 category to honor young Brazilian athletes
Josué Seixas
2022-12-16 15:42:41

The under-20 football category has been growing around the world. With each passing season, young people are getting more and more prepared – and even earlier – for the world of football. The clubs used to expect the kids to reach the age of 20 to debut in the professional or to be sold abroad, but now these movements are too early, not only for the talent, but for the high figures involved.

Jewels are no longer being polished on Brazilian soil, on the contrary, the “gringos” want young people to go abroad earlier and earlier so that they can mold them into the model they still immature want.

With that in mind, Sambafoot’s annual award – the Samba Gold – recently released the big news of this edition: the newest under-20 category, which will indicate the most outstanding young Brazilians in the country or abroad, and reward the most voted by the public. The idea is to honor these Brazilian gems that are seen as promises for the future of world football.

Voting takes place in January, and the public will be able to choose the most outstanding under-20 player in the year 2022. Both in Brazil and abroad, young Brazilians are being increasingly recognized, and there are many proofs that this is a path of no return.

Brazilians on The Guardian’s list of most promising under-20 players

The English newspaper The Guardian usually lists the most promising youngsters in world football every year, and Brazil is always on the list. No wonder, in recent years, several Brazilian athletes have been listed on Next Generation, created in 2014. In all, 26 Brazilian athletes have already been highlighted by the English vehicle.

Brazilian Under-20 team proves the success

Just like the main Brazilian team, the under-20 youths are also five-time world champions. The titles took place in 1983 (Mexico), 1985 (Russia), 1993 (Australia), 2003 (United Arab Emirates) and 2011 (Colombia). In addition, they were runner-up four times in the world championship and in 3rd place three times.

Youth under 20 abroad

Technology and access to information prepare the boys earlier. Many young people aged just over 20 are already protagonists in several teams, in Brazil or abroad, and there are awards for best young people and revelations in several tournaments, being proof of such evolution.

Currently, 53 Brazilian under-20 players are playing in Europe in 2022. In addition, another 10 athletes play in Asia, six play in North America, and there is still one playing in South America. The only continents that don’t have young Brazilians working are Africa and Oceania.

Samba Gold 2022 is live! Follow everything about the 15th edition and help choose the best Brazilian players of the year!