Palmeiras complains of discriminatory treatment towards Portuguese coach Abel Ferreira in Brazilian football

The manager received his 50th red card during the match against Fortaleza in Brazil
Martín O'Donnell
2023-06-02 14:32:26

In an official statement issued on Thursday (June 1), Palmeiras took a stand asking the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) to take action following the continuous red cards seen by Abel Ferreira. The Portuguese coach was sent off in the 1-0 loss to Fortaleza in the Round of 16 of the Brazilian Cup, which is his 50th red card since arriving in the country.

The club claimed Abel has been victim of “persecutory attitudes” and demanded fair treatment both from the refereeing boards and their counterparts. Palmeiras intends to contest the explanation from the officials before the competent authorities.


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Palmeiras react to Abel Ferreira’s latest red card

The São Paulo club highlighted the skill and successes of Abel Ferreira, who unquestionably enhanced Brazilian football during his more than two years of work at the helm of Verdão. “We cannot accept persecutory attitudes against a competent and successful professional,” the club statement read.

After the game that sent Palmeiras to the Brazilian Cup quarter-finals, Ferreira joked about the excessive number of cards he received, saying sarcastically that it was positive to be able to stay at home and enjoy his family during matches, while leading the team from the comfort of his couch.

He also mentioned that the busy schedule in Brazilian football also affects referees, suggesting that if they had more rest and “oxygen” they would make fewer mistakes, thus avoiding complaints from coaches. Full statement from Palmeiras:

“Always willing to contribute to the improvement of national football, Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras goes public to claim with the CBF that measures be taken to ensure coach Abel Ferreira the same treatment given to his professional colleagues by the arbitration teams chosen for club games.

We cannot accept persecutory attitudes against a competent and successful professional who, over more than two years of work at the helm of Verdão, has been unquestionably valuing Brazilian football.

The explanation contained in the summary for the expulsion of our coach, yesterday, against Fortaleza, lacks the truth and will be contested by the club in the competent spheres.”