Palmeiras coach Abel Ferreira reacts to Endrick’s relationship agreement

The Portuguese didn't like the details shared by the player about his private life
Martín O'Donnell
2024-04-18 18:21:17

Endrick gave a lot to talk about on social media after telling the Pod Delas podcast he has a contract with his partner. Palmeiras manager Abel Ferreira was asked about this situation and made it clear that he does not encourage that kind of public comments.

“I hope he doesn’t get lost in non-football-related things, that’s a piece of advice. Let him focus. If he wants to reach other levels, he has to focus on the essentials,” said Ferreira.


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The Alviverde gem, who will join Real Madrid in July, revealed alongside his girlfriend Gabriely Miranda that they both have a contract with certain “clauses” for their relationship. They gave some examples of such rules, such as prohibiting any addiction or having “drastic changes in behavior,” as well as avoiding certain words when they talk to each other.

Endrick’s contract reminds fans of Sheldon Cooper

Endrick’s curious revelation reminded many of an unforgettable situation for those who watched the comedy series “The Big Bang Theory.” In the show, the main character Sheldon Cooper develops a 31-page “relationship agreement” after getting into a relationship with Amy.

It was one of the countless hilarious events in the series and one that reflected how particular its characters were, so seeing the implementation of a similar contract in real life caught the attention of many fans. The production was so successful that it led to the “Young Sheldon” spin-off, which will air its final season in May.

Zagallo documentary by Sambafoot

Sambafoot Series has launched a new documentary about the football legend Zagallo. Known as ‘Velho Lobo’ and as superstitious as it gets, Zagallo helped shape what Brazilian football is nowadays – as a player and as a coach. The first two episodes are available in Sambafoot’s Youtube channel and the series will receive weekly releases to tell this legend’s life story.