Luis Suarez under the spell of Endrick, the future nugget of Real Madrid

The Uruguayan legend of FC Barcelona, ​​​​who rubs shoulders with the young Brazilian prodigy in the Brazilian championship, is full of praise for the precocious talent of the 17-year-old player
Desmond Efe-Khaese
2023-12-09 11:03:03

The signing of Endrick Felipe by Real Madrid this summer is already causing a lot of ink to flow. The young Brazilian prodigy, only 17 years old, caught the eye of all of Europe with his impressive performances in the Palmeiras jersey. It is therefore quite natural that the White House paid several million euros to secure the services of the man many consider to be the future world champion. An arrival which arouses the enthusiasm of Madrid supporters, impatient to see the Auriverde jewel in action.


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Luis Suarez’s view: ‘I was hoping he would join my old club’

Close observers of Endrick’s prowess include FC Barcelona legend Luis Suarez. Playing in Brazil with the Grêmio club, the Uruguayan had the opportunity to cross paths with the young prodigy on several occasions. When recently asked about Endrick, Suarez was full of praise for his talent. “He’s a star, he’s still very young but is already accomplishing incredible things,” declared the former Blaugrana striker, convinced that Real has “a key player for years to come”.

Although Barça tried its luck in the Endrick case, Suarez would have preferred to see the Brazilian land in Catalonia rather than at rival Madrid. “It’s up to him to choose his destiny, but I hoped he would join my old club,” confided the veteran. His statements testify to the admiration already given to the precocious talent of Endrick, who will have the difficult task of succeeding the current “Galactics” of Real in the coming years.