Liga coach praises Fluminense: “They play like one of the best in the world”

The coach of Liga de Quito, Josep Alcácer, expressed that Fluminense "plays football like one of the best teams in the world" and said he felt "proud and disappointed" after the loss in the South American Supercup final
Josué Seixas
2024-03-01 12:56:02

“Congratulations to Fluminense for the title, they played a great game. Proud of my players and disappointed for not being able to bring the South American Supercup to Ecuador, we faced a great rival, one of the best in America,” said the Spanish coach after the 2-0 defeat at the Maracanã.

“We are talking about a team that plays football like one of the best in the world. They reached the Club World Cup final against Manchester City. But we managed to create dangerous situations. We had a great defensive performance, but we lacked better finishing on some occasions. We deserved a better result,” added Alcácer, absent from the bench due to an issue with the validation of his coaching license.


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Diniz: “It was a victory of humility and courage”

On his part, Fluminense’s coach, Fernando Diniz, emphasized that “it was a victory of humility and courage,” praised his team’s performance in the first leg played at high altitude in Quito, and thanked the institution and its supporters for their support.

“I want to share these three colors that reflect tradition with all these wonderful fans. This is their title. I am very grateful for everything they have done for me, for my career, and they will always be in my heart,” he declared. “Above all, it was a victory of humility, courage, and not being intimidated,” he added.

“Fluminense played a great game there (at high altitude in Quito). This title started there, not here. There was no bombardment from Liga. The game was well controlled. For those who have the patience to watch and not speak without knowledge because there were many clashes. There, the players were heroes. Hardly any team has more possession than Liga in Quito, and Fluminense managed to have almost 60% possession there,” he highlighted.