How much money did Fluminense earn after winning their first Recopa?

Fernando Diniz's team lifted their first Recopa after defeating LDU Quito on Thursday and cashed in a good amount of money
Martín O'Donnell
2024-03-01 20:14:28

Once again, Fluminense made continental history with Fernando Diniz. The Rio de Janeiro-based team hosted LDU Quito for the second leg of the Conmebol Recopa at Maracana forced to turn things around with the historical record favoring the Ecuadorian team.

Despite losing two continental finals against the same opponent at their own stadium, Diniz’s men never gave up in their attempt to get past the opponent’s strong defense. Eventually, Colombian forward John Arias became the hero of the night, scoring a masterful brace that allowed the Brazilian team to lift their first Recopa in front of a packed stadium.


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Fluminense get cash prize of $1.8 million

Of course, apart from the recognition and eternal glory that a continental success symbolizes, there is also a monetary reward that clubs receive both for winning the trophy and for having played the matches.

According to Globo Esporte, the prize for winning the Recopa Sudamericana is around 1.8 million dollars. So Fluminense made some money while taking home another international trophy. Meanwhile, LDU Quito also got compensation for taking part in the series, receiving $900,000 along with their silver medal.