How Emery’s strategy changed Douglas Luiz’s season at Aston Villa

From budding rock star to midfield stalwart: Luiz's meteoric rise under Emery's meticulous care
Josué Seixas
2023-05-31 14:24:26

Unai Emery’s strategy had a huge impact on Douglas Luiz’s season at Aston Villa. The Brazilian midfielder has become a centerpiece of the squad under Emery’s leadership, who stands out for his meticulous attention to detail. Luiz, who idolizes Ronaldinho, is also attracting the attention of Champions League clubs.

Luiz was instrumental in qualifying Aston Villa for European competitions. He has signed a new contract and remains on the radar of Champions League teams. His career at Aston Villa has evolved significantly since his arrival. In January 2020, in a crucial match against Watford, Luiz scored a decisive goal and celebrated while diving into the crowd. This spectacular scene already demonstrated his potential.


Under Emery’s guidance, Luiz has become Villa’s key midfield player. He recently scored the opener in the 2-1 win over Brighton as the team qualified for the Europa Conference League. The performance was the icing on the cake of a stellar week for Luiz, who was voted Player of the Year by Aston Villa players and supporters.

Emery’s influence on Luiz can be seen in his play. Prior to Emery’s arrival, Luiz was sometimes limited in his role as a defensive midfielder. However, with Emery, he was able to unleash his full attacking potential. His association with other key players such as John McGinn or Boubacar Kamara also contributed to his success.

A detailed and meticulous approach to Luiz’s success

Emery was able to convey his instructions clearly to Luiz and the entire team, using videos to illustrate his expectations. This detailed and meticulous approach allowed Luiz to better understand his role and thrive on the pitch.