Flamengo director attacks fan in a shopping mall in Rio de Janeiro

Shocking scene last Tuesday in a large shopping center in Rio de Janeiro
Josué Seixas
2023-09-20 18:32:51

Marcos Braz, the vice-president of Flamengo’s football department, got into a fight with a club supporter last Tuesday (19). On amateur videos, its possible to see him physically confronting a man on the ground. The scene took place in a famous shopping center in Rio de Janeiro.

According to Marcos Braz, he was shopping with his three daughters when he was verbally insulted by this supporter. The latter, however, assures that he only asked him to leave the club. An argument then broke out and blows were allegedly exchanged on both sides. The security services quickly intervened to separate the protagonists.


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This incident shocked Flamengo supporters, accustomed to tensions but rarely to such physical violence. Some criticize their leader for a lack of self-control while representing the club. Others defend Marcos Braz, believing that he reacted to a verbal attack.

This event rekindles the debate on the often conflicting relationship between the leaders and the ultra groups of Mengão. According to the Brazilian press, Flamengo should sanction its vice-president for his inappropriate behavior.