Ederson celebrates another Premier League trophy with City and now wants the Champions League

The Brazilian has a new chance for European glory after losing to Chelsea two years ago
Josué Seixas
2023-05-22 19:19:35

Since joining the club, Ederson has established himself as one of Manchester City’s undisputed pillars. This Saturday, he had the privilege of celebrating a new Premier League title early, thanks to Arsenal’s defeat against Nottingham Forest. This is the fifth time the Brazilian goalkeeper has lifted the prestigious English league trophy.

“Each season has its own story and special meaning. We had a difficult start, but we overcame the obstacles while maintaining our focus. The first objective has been achieved, and now we have the opportunity to play in the Champions League final in order to write our name indelibly in the history of the club,” said the goalkeeper.


Manchester City and Inter Milan will face each other on June 10 in Istanbul

On this Saturday morning, Ederson went to the official Manchester City store located in the Etihad stadium. His presence aroused a real enthusiasm, with many supporters, especially children, taking advantage of this unique opportunity to take a photo with him.

Manchester City players have been closely following the encounter between Arsenal and Nottingham Forest, as they prepared for their game the following day against Chelsea. Once the final whistle sounded, a real euphoria took hold of the group, marking the achievement of another victory.

During this season, Ederson has played 46 games for the England side in all competitions and conceded just 38 goals, an average of less than one goal per game. He has kept a clean sheet on 11 of the 35 Premier League matches he has played.

“Another goal achieved. The successes we have had are the result of hard work behind the scenes. Congratulations to everyone in this town. During the darkest times, we work hard, and in the good times, we continue to invest. Now is the time to enjoy the moment,” Ederson enthused on social media.

Now, City has two finals to dispute. The first one will be against Manchester United, in the FA Cup, on June 3. One week later, they face Inter Milan in Istanbul for the Champions League glory.