Arthur Elias analyzes the Brazilian National Team’s victory over Japan

Brazil triumphed 4-3 over the Japanese. Teams will meet again this Sunday (3), at 11am, at Morumbi Stadium
Josué Seixas
2023-12-02 07:46:14

The coach of the Brazilian Women’s National Team, Arthur Elias, analyzed the team’s debut victory in their first Data FIFA challenge. The Brazilian Warriors triumphed 4-3 over Japan this Thursday (30), at the Neo Química Arena, in São Paulo.

“It was a match with different moments, especially in the second half. I believe it was a great game, involving two teams looking to maintain possession of the ball and build the game. Our strategy was to take that possession away from Japan. Even though ball possession was equal, the number of shots and passing successes were also very close. I consider the match to be very balanced.”


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Japan opened the scoring, but Bia Zaneratto equalized. Gabi Portilho expanded, and Zaneratto scored the third for the Seleção. Japan converted a penalty and closed the gap. Minutes later, the Japanese expanded, but the Brazilian Warriors were undeterred. The decisive turning point occurred in the final minutes, with a goal from debutant Priscila.

“What I liked most was what I’ve been trying to work with this group, which is their belief. Not just to believe until the end, as happened with Zaneratto’s goal, but also in Priscila who scored in the last minute of the game. That’s what I liked most. It’s an important characteristic: they enter the field to defend the Brazilian team increasingly confident and encouraged to play, score and be aggressive. I consider this to be the strong point of the game today, in addition to the team’s organization.”

The Seleção returns to the field this Sunday, at 11am, at Morumbi Stadium, for the second challenge against the Japanese. Closing the FIFA Date, the Brazilian Warriors will face Nicaragua on Wednesday (6), at 6pm, at Fonte Luminosa, in Araraquara.