Angelina: “It’s a good preparation for our next challenge”

In preparation for the Olympics, the midfielder will have another opportunity to face top national teams during the competition
Josué Seixas
2024-04-03 14:46:30

Midfielder Angelina is ready to represent Brazil in the SheBelieves Tournament, which is about to begin. Concentrated in Atlanta (USA) with the Brazilian National Team, the athlete will have the first opportunity to compete in the competition that takes place during the April FIFA date. Brazil debuts against Canada on Saturday (6), starting at 4:30 pm (Brasília time).

With a already remarkable history in the national team, Angelina was first called up at 14 years old to join the U-15 team. Since then, she has accumulated experience, having participated in a World Cup and an Olympics. Now, she seeks a new opportunity to shine in the international competition against strong opponents. The SheBelieves is part of the preparation of the Yellow Jersey for the Paris Olympic Games in July.


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“We got a tough group, but if we look at the Olympic groups, they are all tough. We now have the opportunity to maybe play against Japan, which will give us a better idea of what we will face in the competition. And also, Canada now in the SheBelieves, it will also be tough. But it"s a good preparation for us in these Olympics," commented Angelina.

In her second call-up with coach Arthur Elias, she praised the work being done by the new coaching staff and emphasized the mix of players from different generations in the squad.

“I believe the team has evolved a lot. A lot of experience and also young girls. This mix certainly brings something positive for us. And I believe we will have a great team for the Olympics," said Angelina.

In addition to the national team, the midfielder now shares the field with Marta and Luana at her club, Orlando Pride.

At the club, she has the opportunity to play alongside Marta and Luana, two references, who were also called up for the competition. This experience at the club, according to Angelina, helps in the integration of the Warriors of Brazil.

“I am privileged to play with them [Marta and Luana] at the club as well and that helps a lot with the integration. So, when we arrive here, we understand each other at a glance. It"s a little easier to fit into the game model and help the team in general," said Angelina.

The Brazilian Women"s National Team will have their next training session in preparation this Wednesday (3), at 6:00 pm, at GA State, in Atlanta.