Waalwijk x NEC Nijmegen 18/03/2023 Eredivisie

On 18/03/2023, team Waalwijk faces team NEC Nijmegen from the Eredivisie, Netherlands. Follow the result and the live match of Waalwijk vs NEC Nijmegen starting at 23:00, here at Sambafoot.

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Waalwijk vs NEC Nijmegen Formações

NEC Nijmegen NEC Nijmegen


J. Oosting
R. Meijer


J. Kesting
J. Kesting (Goalkeeper)
J. Cillessen
J. Cillessen (Goalkeeper)
Joel Pereira
Joel Pereira (Goalkeeper)
Rijk Janse
Rijk Janse (Goalkeeper)
M. Spenkelink
M. Spenkelink (Goalkeeper)
M. Branderhorst
M. Branderhorst (Goalkeeper)
E. Vaessen
E. Vaessen (Goalkeeper)
R. Roefs
R. Roefs (Goalkeeper)
J. Lelieveld
J. Lelieveld (Defender)
G. Gertsen
G. Gertsen (Defender)
N. Langras
N. Langras (Defender)
Morgan Zouan
Morgan Zouan (Defender)
J. Gaari
J. Gaari (Defender)
P. Sandler
P. Sandler (Defender)
S. Adewoye
S. Adewoye (Defender)
J. Kramer
J. Kramer (Defender)
D. Van den Buijs
D. Van den Buijs (Defender)
Bart Buysse
Bart Buysse (Defender)
H. Mulder
H. Mulder (Defender)
R. van Eijden
R. van Eijden (Defender)
L. Nieuwpoort
L. Nieuwpoort (Defender)
Iván Márquez
Iván Márquez (Defender)
L. Wouters
L. Wouters (Defender)
S. El Karouani
S. El Karouani (Defender)
I. Bel Hassani
I. Bel Hassani (Midfielder)
B. van Rooij
B. van Rooij (Defender)
K. Felida
K. Felida (Midfielder)
C. Verdonk
C. Verdonk (Defender)
N. Nöstlinger
N. Nöstlinger (Midfielder)
K. de Wit
K. de Wit (Midfielder)
S. Augustijns
S. Augustijns (Midfielder)
O. Tannane
O. Tannane (Midfielder)
Y. Oukili
Y. Oukili (Midfielder)
M. De Wolf
M. De Wolf (Midfielder)
P. Clement
P. Clement (Midfielder)
Daan Maas
Daan Maas (Midfielder)
P. Vroegh
P. Vroegh (Midfielder)
É. Barreto
É. Barreto (Midfielder)
V. Anita
V. Anita (Midfielder)
A. Baldursson
A. Baldursson (Midfielder)
Nikki Baggerman
Nikki Baggerman (Midfielder)
D. Proper
D. Proper (Midfielder)
S. Bakari
S. Bakari (Midfielder)
N. Rossen
N. Rossen (Midfielder)
M. Seuntjens
M. Seuntjens (Midfielder)
J. Bruijn
J. Bruijn (Midfielder)
M. Biereth
M. Biereth (Attacker)
M. Mattsson
M. Mattsson (Attacker)
M. Kramer
M. Kramer (Attacker)
E. Tavşan
E. Tavşan (Attacker)
R. Kuijpers
R. Kuijpers (Attacker)
T. Baeten
T. Baeten (Attacker)
J. Efmorfidis
J. Efmorfidis (Attacker)
W. Bony
W. Bony (Attacker)
Ezra Harm Ruud Walian
Ezra Harm Ruud Walian (Attacker)
I. Cissoko
I. Cissoko (Attacker)
Julen Lobete
Julen Lobete (Attacker)
Pedro Ruiz Delgado
Pedro Ruiz Delgado (Attacker)
L. Dimata
L. Dimata (Attacker)
Ayman Sellouf
Ayman Sellouf (Attacker)