VfB Lubeck x Aalborg 16/07/2023 Friendlies Clubs

On 16/07/2023, team VfB Lubeck faces team Aalborg from the Friendlies Clubs, World. Follow the result and the live match of VfB Lubeck vs Aalborg starting at 17:00, here at Sambafoot.

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VfB Lubeck vs Aalborg Formações

VfB Lubeck VfB Lubeck


L. Pfeiffer
O. Hiljemark


Y. Stein
Y. Stein (Goalkeeper)
Max Vartuli
Max Vartuli (Goalkeeper)
José Antonio Aguirre Dardón
José Antonio Aguirre Dardón (Goalkeeper)
Josip Posavec
Josip Posavec (Goalkeeper)
Sjard Strauß
Sjard Strauß (Goalkeeper)
Kevin Stuhr-Ellegaard
Kevin Stuhr-Ellegaard (Goalkeeper)
Christopher Barkmann
Christopher Barkmann (Goalkeeper)
Rody de Boer
Rody de Boer (Goalkeeper)
Florian Kirschke
Florian Kirschke (Goalkeeper)
Andreas Hansen
Andreas Hansen (Goalkeeper)
P. Klewin
P. Klewin (Goalkeeper)
Daniel Veiby Held
Daniel Veiby Held (Goalkeeper)
Gavin Didzilatis
Gavin Didzilatis (Goalkeeper)
Markus Iversen
Markus Iversen (Goalkeeper)
Robin Kölle
Robin Kölle (Defender)
Sebastian Otoa
Sebastian Otoa (Defender)
Aron Ingi Andreasson Schmidt
Aron Ingi Andreasson Schmidt (Defender)
Jakob Ahlmann Nielsen
Jakob Ahlmann Nielsen (Defender)
Fawaz Kassimou
Fawaz Kassimou (Defender)
Lars Kramer
Lars Kramer (Defender)
S. Lippert
S. Lippert (Defender)
Kristoffer Pallesen
Kristoffer Pallesen (Defender)
Tommy Grupe
Tommy Grupe (Defender)
Emil Nymann
Emil Nymann (Defender)
J. Sternberg
J. Sternberg (Defender)
Rasmus Thelander
Rasmus Thelander (Defender)
Niklas Kastenhofer
Niklas Kastenhofer (Defender)
Kasper Poul Mølgaard Jørgensen
Kasper Poul Mølgaard Jørgensen (Defender)
Jannik Löhden
Jannik Löhden (Defender)
J. Skulstad
J. Skulstad (Defender)
Leon Sommer
Leon Sommer (Defender)
Diego Caballo
Diego Caballo (Defender)
Mattis Daube
Mattis Daube (Defender)
M. Bomholt
M. Bomholt (Midfielder)
S. Reddemann
S. Reddemann (Defender)
R. Odada
R. Odada (Midfielder)
Sven Freitag
Sven Freitag (Midfielder)
N. Arnórsson
N. Arnórsson (Midfielder)
Florian Egerer
Florian Egerer (Midfielder)
Malthe Højholt
Malthe Højholt (Midfielder)
A. Herzog
A. Herzog (Midfielder)
Emmanuel Toku
Emmanuel Toku (Midfielder)
Belal Ahmadi
Belal Ahmadi (Midfielder)
Jubril Adedeji
Jubril Adedeji (Midfielder)
Emanuel Adou
Emanuel Adou (Midfielder)
Daniel Ask
Daniel Ask (Midfielder)
Mirko Boland
Mirko Boland (Midfielder)
Pedro Miguel Dinis Ferreira
Pedro Miguel Dinis Ferreira (Midfielder)
Marvin Thiel
Marvin Thiel (Midfielder)
K. Davidsen
K. Davidsen (Midfielder)
Morten Rüdiger
Morten Rüdiger (Midfielder)
Sebastian Stahlfest
Sebastian Stahlfest (Midfielder)
Robin Velasco
Robin Velasco (Midfielder)
Robert Kakeeto
Robert Kakeeto (Midfielder)
Minou-Claude-Exauce Tsimba-Eggers
Minou-Claude-Exauce Tsimba-Eggers (Midfielder)
Melker Widell
Melker Widell (Attacker)
Manuel Farrona Pulido
Manuel Farrona Pulido (Midfielder)
Allan Gonçalves Sousa
Allan Gonçalves Sousa (Attacker)
H. Behrens
H. Behrens (Midfielder)
Oliver Ross
Oliver Ross (Attacker)
Tarik Gözüsirin
Tarik Gözüsirin (Midfielder)
Oscar Meedom
Oscar Meedom (Attacker)
U. Taffertshofer
U. Taffertshofer (Midfielder)
Nicklas Helenius Jensen
Nicklas Helenius Jensen (Attacker)
Yasin Varol
Yasin Varol (Attacker)
Kasper Waarst Høgh
Kasper Waarst Høgh (Attacker)
Keenon Christopher Johannes Erfurth
Keenon Christopher Johannes Erfurth (Attacker)
Mathias Jörgensen
Mathias Jörgensen (Attacker)
Jan-Marc Schneider
Jan-Marc Schneider (Attacker)
Oliver Børsting
Oliver Børsting (Attacker)
Jamie-Liam Shalom
Jamie-Liam Shalom (Attacker)
Younes Bakiz
Younes Bakiz (Attacker)
Ben Bäßler
Ben Bäßler (Attacker)
Mats Facklam
Mats Facklam (Attacker)
Kimmo Markku Hovi
Kimmo Markku Hovi (Attacker)
Mika Tom Urbanski
Mika Tom Urbanski (Attacker)
C. Akono
C. Akono (Attacker)
Felix Werner Wolfgang Drinkuth
Felix Werner Wolfgang Drinkuth (Attacker)