Sheffield Wednesday x Millwall 11/11/2023 Championship

On 11/11/2023, team Sheffield Wednesday faces team Millwall from the Championship, England. Follow the result and the live match of Sheffield Wednesday vs Millwall starting at 18:00, here at Sambafoot.

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Sheffield Wednesday vs Millwall Formações


N. Thompson
N. Harris


Pierce Charles
Pierce Charles (Goalkeeper)
M. Šarkić
M. Šarkić (Goalkeeper)
Cameron Miles Dawson
Cameron Miles Dawson (Goalkeeper)
B. Bialkowski
B. Bialkowski (Goalkeeper)
Joshua Render
Joshua Render (Goalkeeper)
C. Trueman
C. Trueman (Goalkeeper)
J. Hall
J. Hall (Goalkeeper)
J. Tanganga
J. Tanganga (Defender)
S. Reed
S. Reed (Defender)
M. Romeo
M. Romeo (Defender)
D. Bernard
D. Bernard (Defender)
J. Bryan
J. Bryan (Defender)
Leojo Davidson
Leojo Davidson (Defender)
W. Harding
W. Harding (Defender)
Bambo Diaby
Bambo Diaby (Defender)
D. McNamara
D. McNamara (Defender)
Ciaran Brennan
Ciaran Brennan (Defender)
Brooke Dion Nelson Norton-Cuffy
Brooke Dion Nelson Norton-Cuffy (Defender)
D. Thompson
D. Thompson (Defender)
M. Wallace
M. Wallace (Defender)
J. Phuthi
J. Phuthi (Defender)
J. Cooper
J. Cooper (Defender)
Frederik Fisker Nielsen
Frederik Fisker Nielsen (Defender)
B. Topalloj
B. Topalloj (Defender)
Guilherme Siqueira
Guilherme Siqueira (Defender)
S. Hutchinson
S. Hutchinson (Defender)
I. Rice
I. Rice (Defender)
Sha’mar Lawson
Sha’mar Lawson (Midfielder)
K. Pedersen
K. Pedersen (Defender)
R. Esse
R. Esse (Midfielder)
Dominic Iorfa
Dominic Iorfa (Defender)
G. Walker
G. Walker (Midfielder)
Michael Uzoukwu Absalom Jude Ihiekwe
Michael Uzoukwu Absalom Jude Ihiekwe (Defender)
C. De Norre
C. De Norre (Midfielder)
Juan Delgado
Juan Delgado (Defender)
G. Saville
G. Saville (Midfielder)
Akinlolu Richard Olamide Famewo
Akinlolu Richard Olamide Famewo (Defender)
R. Leonard
R. Leonard (Midfielder)
Pol Valentín
Pol Valentín (Defender)
G. Honeyman
G. Honeyman (Midfielder)
M. Maltby
M. Maltby (Defender)
Z. Flemming
Z. Flemming (Midfielder)
William Robert Vaulks
William Robert Vaulks (Midfielder)
Jiří Skalák
Jiří Skalák (Midfielder)
Jay Glover
Jay Glover (Midfielder)
A. Campbell
A. Campbell (Midfielder)
M. Diaby
M. Diaby (Midfielder)
B. Mitchell
B. Mitchell (Midfielder)
Paulo Aguas
Paulo Aguas (Midfielder)
A. Allen
A. Allen (Midfielder)
J. Hendrick
J. Hendrick (Midfielder)
J. Simpson
J. Simpson (Midfielder)
Rio Shipston
Rio Shipston (Midfielder)
D. Watmore
D. Watmore (Attacker)
Marvin Nicholas Johnson
Marvin Nicholas Johnson (Midfielder)
M. Obafemi
M. Obafemi (Attacker)
Luke Cook
Luke Cook (Midfielder)
N. Boateng
N. Boateng (Attacker)
Joshua Dean Windass
Joshua Dean Windass (Midfielder)
K. Nisbet
K. Nisbet (Attacker)
Sean Fusire
Sean Fusire (Midfielder)
Adam Mayor
Adam Mayor (Attacker)
A. Alimi-Adetoro
A. Alimi-Adetoro (Midfielder)
R. Longman
R. Longman (Attacker)
A. Musaba
A. Musaba (Attacker)
T. Leahy
T. Leahy (Attacker)
Bailey-Tye Cadamarteri
Bailey-Tye Cadamarteri (Attacker)
T. Bradshaw
T. Bradshaw (Attacker)
D. Gassama
D. Gassama (Attacker)
Aidomo Emakhu
Aidomo Emakhu (Attacker)
M. Wilks
M. Wilks (Attacker)
Callum Thomas Owen Paterson
Callum Thomas Owen Paterson (Attacker)
Michael John Smith
Michael John Smith (Attacker)
I. Ugbo
I. Ugbo (Attacker)
A. Fletcher
A. Fletcher (Attacker)
Lee Andrew Gregory
Lee Andrew Gregory (Attacker)
I. Poveda-Ocampo
I. Poveda-Ocampo (Attacker)