RB Leipzig x VfB Stuttgart 27/01/2023 Bundesliga 1

On 27/01/2023, team RB Leipzig faces team VfB Stuttgart from the Bundesliga 1, Germany. Follow the result and the live match of RB Leipzig vs VfB Stuttgart starting at 22:30, here at Sambafoot.

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RB Leipzig vs VfB Stuttgart Formações



D. Tedesco
P. Matarazzo
United States


J. Nickisch
J. Nickisch (Goalkeeper)
F. Bredlow
F. Bredlow (Goalkeeper)
O. Preil
O. Preil (Goalkeeper)
F. Müller
F. Müller (Goalkeeper)
J. Blaswich
J. Blaswich (Goalkeeper)
K. Mavropanos
K. Mavropanos (Defender)
P. Gulácsi
P. Gulácsi (Goalkeeper)
W. Anton
W. Anton (Defender)
T. Schlieck
T. Schlieck (Goalkeeper)
J. Vagnoman
J. Vagnoman (Defender)
P. Tschauner
P. Tschauner (Goalkeeper)
B. Sosa
B. Sosa (Defender)
D. Ihendu
D. Ihendu (Defender)
P. Stenzel
P. Stenzel (Defender)
L. Klostermann
L. Klostermann (Defender)
A. Karazor
A. Karazor (Defender)
S. Ba
S. Ba (Defender)
A. Aidonis
A. Aidonis (Defender)
M. Voigt
M. Voigt (Defender)
Ö. Beyaz
Ö. Beyaz (Midfielder)
D. Raum
D. Raum (Defender)
Daniel Didavi
Daniel Didavi (Midfielder)
B. Henrichs
B. Henrichs (Defender)
R. Massimo
R. Massimo (Midfielder)
A. Diallo
A. Diallo (Defender)
M. Cissé
M. Cissé (Midfielder)
W. Orbán
W. Orbán (Defender)
N. Ahamada
N. Ahamada (Midfielder)
M. Simakan
M. Simakan (Defender)
C. Führich
C. Führich (Midfielder)
J. Gvardiol
J. Gvardiol (Defender)
L. Ulrich
L. Ulrich (Midfielder)
M. Halstenberg
M. Halstenberg (Defender)
E. Millot
E. Millot (Midfielder)
D. Szoboszlai
D. Szoboszlai (Midfielder)
R. Weil
R. Weil (Midfielder)
A. Haidara
A. Haidara (Midfielder)
N. Nartey
N. Nartey (Midfielder)
L. Samardžić
L. Samardžić (Midfielder)
W. Endo
W. Endo (Midfielder)
K. Laimer
K. Laimer (Midfielder)
T. Coulibaly
T. Coulibaly (Midfielder)
X. Schlager
X. Schlager (Midfielder)
S. Katompa Mvumpa
S. Katompa Mvumpa (Attacker)
A. Bayindir
A. Bayindir (Midfielder)
J. Perea
J. Perea (Attacker)
E. Forsberg
E. Forsberg (Midfielder)
S. Guirassy
S. Guirassy (Attacker)
K. Kampl
K. Kampl (Midfielder)
L. Pfeiffer
L. Pfeiffer (Attacker)
Dani Olmo
Dani Olmo (Midfielder)
Tiago Tomás
Tiago Tomás (Attacker)
Y. Eduardo
Y. Eduardo (Attacker)
C. Nkunku
C. Nkunku (Attacker)
T. Werner
T. Werner (Attacker)
Hwang Hee-Chan
Hwang Hee-Chan (Attacker)
André Silva
André Silva (Attacker)
O. Köhl
O. Köhl (Attacker)
C. Onuoha
C. Onuoha (Attacker)
Y. Poulsen
Y. Poulsen (Attacker)