Pouso Alegre x America Mineiro 23/01/2023 Mineiro - 1

On 23/01/2023, team Pouso Alegre faces team America Mineiro from the Mineiro - 1, Brazil. Follow the result and the live match of Pouso Alegre vs America Mineiro starting at 00:30, here at Sambafoot.

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Pouso Alegre vs America Mineiro Formações



Paulo Roberto Santos
Vágner Mancini


Cairo Alberto Marangoni
Cairo Alberto Marangoni (Goalkeeper)
Jailson Marcelino dos Santos
Jailson Marcelino dos Santos (Goalkeeper)
Tales Leonardo
Tales Leonardo (Goalkeeper)
Airton (Goalkeeper)
Thiago Henrique Fernandes Valle
Thiago Henrique Fernandes Valle (Goalkeeper)
Róbson (Goalkeeper)
Edson Mardden Alves Pereira
Edson Mardden Alves Pereira (Goalkeeper)
Matheus Cavichioli
Matheus Cavichioli (Goalkeeper)
Rafael de Jesus Mariano
Rafael de Jesus Mariano (Goalkeeper)
Jori (Goalkeeper)
Rafael Oliveira Alves da Silva
Rafael Oliveira Alves da Silva (Defender)
Iago Maidana
Iago Maidana (Defender)
Ernande Conserva de Sa
Ernande Conserva de Sa (Defender)
Marlon (Defender)
Enzo Carneiro de Alburquerque
Enzo Carneiro de Alburquerque (Defender)
Ricardo Silva
Ricardo Silva (Defender)
Alisson Gomes Emboaba de Oliveira
Alisson Gomes Emboaba de Oliveira (Defender)
Thalys Victor Martins Sena
Thalys Victor Martins Sena (Defender)
Danilo Santos da Silva
Danilo Santos da Silva (Defender)
Éder Ferreira
Éder Ferreira (Defender)
Eduardo Higino da Silva
Eduardo Higino da Silva (Defender)
Arthur (Defender)
Caio Talarico Armundo de Souza
Caio Talarico Armundo de Souza (Defender)
João Paulo
João Paulo (Defender)
Sergio Paulo Nascimento Filho
Sergio Paulo Nascimento Filho (Midfielder)
Jurandir (Defender)
Nelson Costa Pinto Júnior
Nelson Costa Pinto Júnior (Midfielder)
Gustavo Marques
Gustavo Marques (Defender)
Gabriel Pereira da Silva
Gabriel Pereira da Silva (Midfielder)
Lucas Kal
Lucas Kal (Defender)
Gledson Paixão da Silva
Gledson Paixão da Silva (Midfielder)
Julio Cesar
Julio Cesar (Defender)
Igor Pereira dos Santos
Igor Pereira dos Santos (Midfielder)
Marcão (Defender)
Kaio Daniel Feitoza Viturino
Kaio Daniel Feitoza Viturino (Midfielder)
Patric (Defender)
Matheus Roldan Santos
Matheus Roldan Santos (Midfielder)
Vitor Hugo
Vitor Hugo (Defender)
Pedro Luiz Almeida Gonçalves
Pedro Luiz Almeida Gonçalves (Midfielder)
Danilo Avelar
Danilo Avelar (Defender)
Guilherme Mariano Barbosa
Guilherme Mariano Barbosa (Midfielder)
Rodolfo Moisés
Rodolfo Moisés (Defender)
Ingro Marreiros da Cruz
Ingro Marreiros da Cruz (Attacker)
Marcos Vinicius
Marcos Vinicius (Midfielder)
Franklin Rocha Gesteira
Franklin Rocha Gesteira (Attacker)
Alê (Midfielder)
Alison Henrique Mira
Alison Henrique Mira (Attacker)
Lucas Gabriel
Lucas Gabriel (Midfielder)
Michael da Silva Alves
Michael da Silva Alves (Attacker)
Kevyn (Midfielder)
Lucas dos Santos Reis
Lucas dos Santos Reis (Attacker)
Kante (Midfielder)
Willian da Silva
Willian da Silva (Attacker)
Zé Ricardo
Zé Ricardo (Midfielder)
Gabriel Santos Silva
Gabriel Santos Silva (Attacker)
Leandro Emmanuel Martínez
Leandro Emmanuel Martínez (Midfielder)
Gabriel da Silva Reis
Gabriel da Silva Reis (Attacker)
Mateus Henrique
Mateus Henrique (Midfielder)
Gabriel Pereira da Silva
Gabriel Pereira da Silva (Attacker)
Matheusinho (Midfielder)
Hugo Freitas Gouveia
Hugo Freitas Gouveia (Attacker)
Juninho (Midfielder)
Luiz Otávio de Paula Melo
Luiz Otávio de Paula Melo (Attacker)
M. Benítez
M. Benítez (Midfielder)
Rodriguinho (Midfielder)
Carlos Alberto
Carlos Alberto (Attacker)
Adyson (Attacker)
Renato Marques
Renato Marques (Attacker)
Felipe Azevedo
Felipe Azevedo (Attacker)
Diogo (Attacker)
Wellington Paulista
Wellington Paulista (Attacker)
Yan Sasse
Yan Sasse (Attacker)
Henrique Almeida
Henrique Almeida (Attacker)
Everaldo Junior
Everaldo Junior (Attacker)
Luan Campos
Luan Campos (Attacker)
Gonzalo Mathías Mastriani Borges
Gonzalo Mathías Mastriani Borges (Attacker)