Naftan x Smorgon 14/05/2022 1. Division

On 14/05/2022, team Naftan faces team Smorgon from the 1. Division, Belarus. Follow the result and the live match of Naftan vs Smorgon starting at 18:00, here at Sambafoot.

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Naftan vs Smorgon Formações

Naftan Naftan


V. Geraschenko
I. Trukhov


Dmitri Say
Dmitri Say (Goalkeeper)
Dmitri Lapko
Dmitri Lapko (Goalkeeper)
Igor Dovgyallo
Igor Dovgyallo (Goalkeeper)
Anton Velesyuk
Anton Velesyuk (Goalkeeper)
Maksim Makarov
Maksim Makarov (Goalkeeper)
Pavel Okhremchuk
Pavel Okhremchuk (Goalkeeper)
Vitali Myadelets
Vitali Myadelets (Goalkeeper)
Artem Guzik
Artem Guzik (Defender)
Artem Drabatovich
Artem Drabatovich (Defender)
Georgi Chetvergov
Georgi Chetvergov (Defender)
Terenti Lutsevich
Terenti Lutsevich (Defender)
Vladislav Kaborda
Vladislav Kaborda (Defender)
Aleksey Plyasunov
Aleksey Plyasunov (Defender)
Ilya Zhukov
Ilya Zhukov (Defender)
Ilya Drozdov
Ilya Drozdov (Defender)
Christian Rollin M
Christian Rollin M'pomézok Intsoen (Defender)
Viktor Umpirovich
Viktor Umpirovich (Defender)
Sergey Usenya
Sergey Usenya (Defender)
Ignati Sidor
Ignati Sidor (Defender)
Maksim Taleyko
Maksim Taleyko (Defender)
Artur Kats
Artur Kats (Defender)
Nikita Dubitskiy
Nikita Dubitskiy (Defender)
Mikhail Radchenko
Mikhail Radchenko (Defender)
Vladislav Shubovich
Vladislav Shubovich (Defender)
Yuli Kuznetsov
Yuli Kuznetsov (Midfielder)
Vladislav Kovalevich
Vladislav Kovalevich (Defender)
Aleksandr Kucherov
Aleksandr Kucherov (Midfielder)
Vadim Dak
Vadim Dak (Defender)
Evgeni Elezarenko
Evgeni Elezarenko (Midfielder)
Aleksandr Frantsev
Aleksandr Frantsev (Defender)
Vladimir Bashun
Vladimir Bashun (Midfielder)
Vladislav Lapko
Vladislav Lapko (Defender)
Dmitri Ignatenko
Dmitri Ignatenko (Midfielder)
Maksim Avgustinovich
Maksim Avgustinovich (Defender)
Ignat Pranovich
Ignat Pranovich (Midfielder)
Evgeni  Fomin
Evgeni Fomin (Defender)
Ivan Kanonik
Ivan Kanonik (Midfielder)
Egor Semenov
Egor Semenov (Midfielder)
Mikhail Khodunov
Mikhail Khodunov (Midfielder)
Evgeni Kasevich
Evgeni Kasevich (Midfielder)
Dmitri Malinovskiy
Dmitri Malinovskiy (Midfielder)
Bogdan Sadovskiy
Bogdan Sadovskiy (Midfielder)
Denis Golenko
Denis Golenko (Midfielder)
Pavel Lyakhnovich
Pavel Lyakhnovich (Midfielder)
Abdulaziz Laval Abidemi
Abdulaziz Laval Abidemi (Midfielder)
Dmitri Borisov
Dmitri Borisov (Midfielder)
Masrur Kiyomidinov
Masrur Kiyomidinov (Midfielder)
Vitali Likhtin
Vitali Likhtin (Midfielder)
Alikhan Fazylov
Alikhan Fazylov (Midfielder)
Dmitri Khalimonchikov
Dmitri Khalimonchikov (Midfielder)
Dmitri Sibilev
Dmitri Sibilev (Midfielder)
Egor Roman
Egor Roman (Midfielder)
Dmitri Nekrashevich
Dmitri Nekrashevich (Midfielder)
Dmitri Tamelo
Dmitri Tamelo (Midfielder)
Nikita Kozlov
Nikita Kozlov (Midfielder)
Filipp Rudik
Filipp Rudik (Midfielder)
Yuri Kozlov
Yuri Kozlov (Midfielder)
Artur Mardoyan
Artur Mardoyan (Midfielder)
Anton Suchkov
Anton Suchkov (Attacker)
Timur Lobanov
Timur Lobanov (Midfielder)
Aleksey Kolesnik
Aleksey Kolesnik (Attacker)
Sergey Kishko
Sergey Kishko (Midfielder)
Elvin Aliev
Elvin Aliev (Attacker)
Maksim Kravtsov
Maksim Kravtsov (Attacker)
Dmitri Galuza
Dmitri Galuza (Attacker)
Denis Kryukov
Denis Kryukov (Attacker)
Denis Trapashko
Denis Trapashko (Attacker)
Maksim Pashkevich
Maksim Pashkevich (Attacker)
Aleksandr Yanchenko
Aleksandr Yanchenko (Attacker)
Matvey Dukso
Matvey Dukso (Attacker)
Pavel Gorbach
Pavel Gorbach (Attacker)
Albert Kopytich
Albert Kopytich (Attacker)