Instituto Cordoba x Sarmiento Junin 30/01/2023 Primera Division

On 30/01/2023, team Instituto Cordoba faces team Sarmiento Junin from the Primera Division, Argentina. Follow the result and the live match of Instituto Cordoba vs Sarmiento Junin starting at 01:15, here at Sambafoot.

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Instituto Cordoba vs Sarmiento Junin Formações



L. Bovaglio
I. Damonte


M. Roffo
M. Roffo (Goalkeeper)
S. Meza
S. Meza (Goalkeeper)
Jorge Carlos Carranza
Jorge Carlos Carranza (Goalkeeper)
J. Cabrera
J. Cabrera (Goalkeeper)
Emanuel Bilbao
Emanuel Bilbao (Goalkeeper)
J. Devecchi
J. Devecchi (Goalkeeper)
Julio Leonel Mosevich
Julio Leonel Mosevich (Defender)
Jean Pierre Rosso Génova
Jean Pierre Rosso Génova (Defender)
Joaquín Varela Moreno
Joaquín Varela Moreno (Defender)
Carlos Ayrton Cougo Rivero
Carlos Ayrton Cougo Rivero (Defender)
Oscar Ezequiel Jonathan Parnisari
Oscar Ezequiel Jonathan Parnisari (Defender)
Santiago Morales
Santiago Morales (Defender)
J. Bay
J. Bay (Defender)
Juan Emanuel Hernández Rodríguez
Juan Emanuel Hernández Rodríguez (Defender)
Sebastián Corda
Sebastián Corda (Defender)
F. Sbuttoni
F. Sbuttoni (Defender)
Fernando Rubén Alarcón
Fernando Rubén Alarcón (Defender)
Franco Agustín Quinteros
Franco Agustín Quinteros (Defender)
Giuliano Cerato
Giuliano Cerato (Defender)
G. Bettini
G. Bettini (Defender)
Nicólas Ezequiel Watson
Nicólas Ezequiel Watson (Midfielder)
J. Insaurralde
J. Insaurralde (Defender)
Brahian David Cuello
Brahian David Cuello (Midfielder)
Y. Garnier
Y. Garnier (Midfielder)
Roberto Agustín Bochi
Roberto Agustín Bochi (Midfielder)
A. Molina
A. Molina (Midfielder)
Gabriel Maximiliano Graciani
Gabriel Maximiliano Graciani (Midfielder)
H. Mancilla
H. Mancilla (Midfielder)
Franco Nahuel Watson
Franco Nahuel Watson (Midfielder)
Manuel García
Manuel García (Midfielder)
G. Lodico
G. Lodico (Midfielder)
D. Azcurra
D. Azcurra (Midfielder)
Oscar Ariel Garrido Bigolin
Oscar Ariel Garrido Bigolin (Midfielder)
E. Méndez
E. Méndez (Midfielder)
Nicolás Hugo Linares
Nicolás Hugo Linares (Midfielder)
J. Mauri
J. Mauri (Midfielder)
Claudio Nicolás Barrientos
Claudio Nicolás Barrientos (Midfielder)
Yair Ezequiel Arismendi
Yair Ezequiel Arismendi (Midfielder)
J. Dellarossa
J. Dellarossa (Midfielder)
Federico Paradela
Federico Paradela (Midfielder)
Gregorio Rodríguez
Gregorio Rodríguez (Midfielder)
G. Díaz
G. Díaz (Midfielder)
Juan José Franco Arrellaga
Juan José Franco Arrellaga (Midfielder)
M. Mónaco
M. Mónaco (Midfielder)
Leonardo Monje
Leonardo Monje (Midfielder)
F. Martínez
F. Martínez (Midfielder)
A. Martínez
A. Martínez (Attacker)
Joaquín Gho
Joaquín Gho (Midfielder)
L. Albertengo
L. Albertengo (Attacker)
Nicolás Federico Femia
Nicolás Federico Femia (Midfielder)
D. Puebla
D. Puebla (Attacker)
Luciano Emilio Gondou Zanelli
Luciano Emilio Gondou Zanelli (Attacker)
A. Rodríguez
A. Rodríguez (Attacker)
Javier Fabián Toledo
Javier Fabián Toledo (Attacker)
Santiago Alejandro Rodríguez
Santiago Alejandro Rodríguez (Attacker)
J. Kaprof
J. Kaprof (Attacker)
S. Quiroga
S. Quiroga (Attacker)
D. Gallardo
D. Gallardo (Attacker)
L. Melano
L. Melano (Attacker)
Lisandro López
Lisandro López (Attacker)
Pablo Gastón Gerzel
Pablo Gastón Gerzel (Attacker)