Grenoble x Villefranche 19/11/2022 Coupe de France

P. Ba
P. Ba
A. Sbaï
A. Sbaï

On 19/11/2022, team Grenoble faces team Villefranche from the Coupe de France, France. Follow the result and the live match of Grenoble vs Villefranche starting at 17:00, here at Sambafoot.

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Grenoble vs Villefranche Formações



V. Hognon


E. Salles
E. Salles (Goalkeeper)
Jean-Christophe Bouet
Jean-Christophe Bouet (Goalkeeper)
B. Maubleu
B. Maubleu (Goalkeeper)
Lucas Caruso
Lucas Caruso (Goalkeeper)
P. Bourdelle
P. Bourdelle (Goalkeeper)
S. Obissa
S. Obissa (Defender)
Théo Cozzi-Buet
Théo Cozzi-Buet (Goalkeeper)
Adrien Pagerie
Adrien Pagerie (Defender)
M. Diop
M. Diop (Goalkeeper)
Kévin Renaut
Kévin Renaut (Defender)
B. Straalman
B. Straalman (Defender)
Rémi Bonenfant
Rémi Bonenfant (Defender)
G. Paquiez
G. Paquiez (Defender)
Ousmane  Badji
Ousmane Badji (Defender)
L. Néry
L. Néry (Defender)
Laurent Dos Santos
Laurent Dos Santos (Defender)
M. Tourraine
M. Tourraine (Defender)
Théo Emmanuelli
Théo Emmanuelli (Defender)
A. Monfray
A. Monfray (Defender)
Nicolas Flégeau
Nicolas Flégeau (Defender)
Fabien Tissot-Rosset
Fabien Tissot-Rosset (Defender)
Quentin Martin
Quentin Martin (Defender)
L. Nestor
L. Nestor (Defender)
Julien Fostier
Julien Fostier (Midfielder)
F. Boyer
F. Boyer (Defender)
Davis Abanda Mfomo
Davis Abanda Mfomo (Midfielder)
A. Mendy
A. Mendy (Defender)
Jimmy Nirlo
Jimmy Nirlo (Midfielder)
M. Diarra
M. Diarra (Defender)
Kamil Manseri
Kamil Manseri (Midfielder)
J. Sylvestre-Brac
J. Sylvestre-Brac (Defender)
Rémy Sergio
Rémy Sergio (Midfielder)
A. Tchaptchet
A. Tchaptchet (Defender)
Thimotee Taufflieb
Thimotee Taufflieb (Midfielder)
E. Strazzeri
E. Strazzeri (Midfielder)
Naim Dhib
Naim Dhib (Midfielder)
Y. Bamba
Y. Bamba (Midfielder)
Erwan Norde
Erwan Norde (Midfielder)
Julien Delétraz
Julien Delétraz (Midfielder)
Santy N
Santy N'Gom (Attacker)
Romain Grange
Romain Grange (Midfielder)
Emmanuel Mballa Amougou
Emmanuel Mballa Amougou (Attacker)
A. Ngando
A. Ngando (Midfielder)
Sofiane Bourouis Belle
Sofiane Bourouis Belle (Attacker)
Bachirou Yaméogo
Bachirou Yaméogo (Midfielder)
Josselin Gromat
Josselin Gromat (Attacker)
J. Jeno
J. Jeno (Midfielder)
Claudy M
Claudy M'Buyi (Attacker)
J. Bénet
J. Bénet (Midfielder)
Mehdy Guezoui
Mehdy Guezoui (Attacker)
F. Bambock
F. Bambock (Midfielder)
Moulaye Idrissa Ba
Moulaye Idrissa Ba (Attacker)
S. Touray
S. Touray (Midfielder)
B. Isola
B. Isola (Midfielder)
Yoric Ravet
Yoric Ravet (Midfielder)
Ryan Sanusi
Ryan Sanusi (Midfielder)
S. Cissé
S. Cissé (Midfielder)
J. Correa
J. Correa (Attacker)
Abdoulaye N
Abdoulaye N'Diaye (Attacker)
Terell Ondaan
Terell Ondaan (Attacker)
A. Sbaï
A. Sbaï (Attacker)
O. Inikurogha
O. Inikurogha (Attacker)
P. Ba
P. Ba (Attacker)
Baptiste Dedola
Baptiste Dedola (Attacker)
A. Sanyang
A. Sanyang (Attacker)
Aziz Bouzit
Aziz Bouzit (Attacker)
J. Tell
J. Tell (Attacker)
Z. Labyad
Z. Labyad (Attacker)
M. Phaëton
M. Phaëton (Attacker)
Mamadou Lamarana Diallo
Mamadou Lamarana Diallo (Attacker)