Fulham x Everton 29/10/2022 Premier League

On 29/10/2022, team Fulham faces team Everton from the Premier League, England. Follow the result and the live match of Fulham vs Everton starting at 19:30, here at Sambafoot.

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Fulham vs Everton Formações



Marco Silva
C. Roberts


Fabricio Martín Agosto Ramírez
Fabricio Martín Agosto Ramírez (Goalkeeper)
A. Lonergan
A. Lonergan (Goalkeeper)
D. Las
D. Las (Goalkeeper)
Žan-Luk Leban
Žan-Luk Leban (Goalkeeper)
B. Leno
B. Leno (Goalkeeper)
J. Pickford
J. Pickford (Goalkeeper)
M. Rodák
M. Rodák (Goalkeeper)
A. Begović
A. Begović (Goalkeeper)
T. Ream
T. Ream (Defender)
E. Jakupovic
E. Jakupovic (Goalkeeper)
K. Tete
K. Tete (Defender)
C. Coady
C. Coady (Defender)
Charlie Robinson
Charlie Robinson (Defender)
Kyle Alex John
Kyle Alex John (Defender)
A. Robinson
A. Robinson (Defender)
S. Coleman
S. Coleman (Defender)
S. Parkes
S. Parkes (Defender)
Y. Mina
Y. Mina (Defender)
L. Kurzawa
L. Kurzawa (Defender)
M. Keane
M. Keane (Defender)
M. Fossey
M. Fossey (Defender)
N. Patterson
N. Patterson (Defender)
T. Adarabioyo
T. Adarabioyo (Defender)
I. Samuels-Smith
I. Samuels-Smith (Defender)
I. Diop
I. Diop (Defender)
Rúben Vinagre
Rúben Vinagre (Defender)
S. Duffy
S. Duffy (Defender)
J. Tarkowski
J. Tarkowski (Defender)
Michael Hector
Michael Hector (Defender)
M. Holgate
M. Holgate (Defender)
K. Mbabu
K. Mbabu (Defender)
V. Mykolenko
V. Mykolenko (Defender)
Connor McAvoy
Connor McAvoy (Defender)
B. Godfrey
B. Godfrey (Defender)
Luciano D
Luciano D'Auria-Henry (Defender)
L. Gibson
L. Gibson (Defender)
H. Wilson
H. Wilson (Midfielder)
Joseph Anderson
Joseph Anderson (Defender)
T. Cairney
T. Cairney (Midfielder)
R. Welch
R. Welch (Defender)
N. Chalobah
N. Chalobah (Midfielder)
S. Mills
S. Mills (Midfielder)
T. Francois
T. Francois (Midfielder)
A. Onana
A. Onana (Midfielder)
J. Onomah
J. Onomah (Midfielder)
I. Gueye
I. Gueye (Midfielder)
M. Solomon
M. Solomon (Midfielder)
F. Delph
F. Delph (Midfielder)
João Palhinha
João Palhinha (Midfielder)
Allan (Midfielder)
Kristian Šekularac
Kristian Šekularac (Midfielder)
A. Doucouré
A. Doucouré (Midfielder)
L. Harris
L. Harris (Midfielder)
G. Sigurðsson
G. Sigurðsson (Midfielder)
O. O'Neill
O. O'Neill (Midfielder)
I. Price
I. Price (Midfielder)
H. Reed
H. Reed (Midfielder)
Sebastian Quirk
Sebastian Quirk (Midfielder)
N. Kebano
N. Kebano (Midfielder)
C. Whitaker
C. Whitaker (Midfielder)
Andreas Pereira
Andreas Pereira (Midfielder)
J. Garner
J. Garner (Midfielder)
A. Pajaziti
A. Pajaziti (Midfielder)
A. Townsend
A. Townsend (Midfielder)
Sylvester Alexander Jasper
Sylvester Alexander Jasper (Attacker)
T. Davies
T. Davies (Midfielder)
Martial Godo
Martial Godo (Attacker)
E. Simms
E. Simms (Attacker)
A. Mitrović
A. Mitrović (Attacker)
N. Maupay
N. Maupay (Attacker)
Carlos Vinícius
Carlos Vinícius (Attacker)
D. Calvert-Lewin
D. Calvert-Lewin (Attacker)
D. James
D. James (Attacker)
A. Iwobi
A. Iwobi (Attacker)
Terry Ablade
Terry Ablade (Attacker)
D. McNeil
D. McNeil (Attacker)
Willian (Attacker)
D. Gray
D. Gray (Attacker)
B. De Cordova-Reid
B. De Cordova-Reid (Attacker)
A. Gordon
A. Gordon (Attacker)
Callum McFarlane
Callum McFarlane (Attacker)