Fortaleza FC x Cortulua 07/04/2022 Copa Colombia

football card

On 07/04/2022, team Fortaleza FC faces team Cortulua from the Copa Colombia, Colombia. Follow the result and the live match of Fortaleza FC vs Cortulua starting at 23:00, here at Sambafoot.

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Fortaleza FC vs Cortulua Formações



N. Flórez
C. Torres


Juan Sebastián Duque Rodríguez
Juan Sebastián Duque Rodríguez (Goalkeeper)
Guillermo Enrique Gómez Tovar
Guillermo Enrique Gómez Tovar (Goalkeeper)
Guillermo Alejandro Tegüé Caicedo
Guillermo Alejandro Tegüé Caicedo (Defender)
Juan Camilo Loaiza Romero
Juan Camilo Loaiza Romero (Goalkeeper)
Jimy Alejandro Mican Prieto
Jimy Alejandro Mican Prieto (Midfielder)
E. Hernández
E. Hernández (Goalkeeper)
Edward Cuernú Pinto
Edward Cuernú Pinto (Attacker)
M. Arias
M. Arias (Goalkeeper)
Andrés Felipe Rivera Lozano
Andrés Felipe Rivera Lozano (Defender)
H. Cummings
H. Cummings (Defender)
R. Córdoba
R. Córdoba (Defender)
S. Valencia
S. Valencia (Defender)
F. Delgado
F. Delgado (Defender)
J. Mina
J. Mina (Defender)
B. Villalobos
B. Villalobos (Defender)
César Augusto Hinestroza Lozano
César Augusto Hinestroza Lozano (Defender)
J. Pérez
J. Pérez (Defender)
R. Paillalef
R. Paillalef (Defender)
Bairon Escobar Sabogal
Bairon Escobar Sabogal (Defender)
W. Angulo
W. Angulo (Defender)
Juan Guillermo Domínguez Cabezas
Juan Guillermo Domínguez Cabezas (Defender)
K. Suárez
K. Suárez (Midfielder)
M. Herrera
M. Herrera (Midfielder)
L. Caicedo
L. Caicedo (Midfielder)
K. Angulo
K. Angulo (Midfielder)
D. García
D. García (Midfielder)
O. Vidal
O. Vidal (Midfielder)
Wilder Andrés Guisao Correa
Wilder Andrés Guisao Correa (Midfielder)
Juan Mateo Trejos Ramírez
Juan Mateo Trejos Ramírez (Midfielder)
Jean Carlos Colorado Sánchez
Jean Carlos Colorado Sánchez (Midfielder)
Cristián Camilo Mosquera Rivas
Cristián Camilo Mosquera Rivas (Midfielder)
Julián Camilo Millán Díaz
Julián Camilo Millán Díaz (Midfielder)
S. Saa
S. Saa (Midfielder)
K. Valencia
K. Valencia (Midfielder)
Kevin Alexander Palacios Salazar
Kevin Alexander Palacios Salazar (Midfielder)
Henry Andrés Rojas Delgado
Henry Andrés Rojas Delgado (Midfielder)
Alexis Castillo Manyoma
Alexis Castillo Manyoma (Midfielder)
Brayan Alexander Cundumí Lastre
Brayan Alexander Cundumí Lastre (Midfielder)
Jonny Ferney Mosquera Mena
Jonny Ferney Mosquera Mena (Midfielder)
J. Valencia
J. Valencia (Midfielder)
Juan Camilo Mosquera Perlaza
Juan Camilo Mosquera Perlaza (Midfielder)
J. Lobo
J. Lobo (Midfielder)
L. Sinisterra
L. Sinisterra (Midfielder)
J. Bocanegra
J. Bocanegra (Midfielder)
Edwin David Laszo Ramos
Edwin David Laszo Ramos (Midfielder)
José Hugo Palacios Arizala
José Hugo Palacios Arizala (Midfielder)
E. Martínez
E. Martínez (Midfielder)
Andrés Felipe Aedo Ramirez
Andrés Felipe Aedo Ramirez (Attacker)
J. Herrera
J. Herrera (Attacker)
G. Murillo
G. Murillo (Attacker)
Johan Camilo Montes Orobio
Johan Camilo Montes Orobio (Attacker)
H. Burbano
H. Burbano (Attacker)
Johar Franco Mejia Moreno
Johar Franco Mejia Moreno (Attacker)
S. Angulo
S. Angulo (Attacker)
F. Mercado
F. Mercado (Attacker)
J. Mendoza
J. Mendoza (Attacker)
Mauricio González Carabalí
Mauricio González Carabalí (Attacker)
Jairo Junior Ditta Ruiz
Jairo Junior Ditta Ruiz (Attacker)
Yefrei Stiven  Rodríguez Sinisterra
Yefrei Stiven Rodríguez Sinisterra (Attacker)
José Daniel García Aragón
José Daniel García Aragón (Attacker)
Santiago Camilo Vergara Pájaro
Santiago Camilo Vergara Pájaro (Attacker)
Yeferson Andrés Contreras Villamizar
Yeferson Andrés Contreras Villamizar (Attacker)