Epinal x Metz 19/11/2022 Coupe de France

On 19/11/2022, team Epinal faces team Metz from the Coupe de France, France. Follow the result and the live match of Epinal vs Metz starting at 19:00, here at Sambafoot.

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Epinal vs Metz Formações



F. Tissot
L. Bölöni


Yassine Gourari Tebaa
Yassine Gourari Tebaa (Goalkeeper)
Anthony Léandre Mfa Mezui
Anthony Léandre Mfa Mezui (Goalkeeper)
Leo Hatier
Leo Hatier (Goalkeeper)
O. Ba
O. Ba (Goalkeeper)
Simon Jules Corneille Ternynck
Simon Jules Corneille Ternynck (Goalkeeper)
A. Oukidja
A. Oukidja (Goalkeeper)
Ben Salim Boina
Ben Salim Boina (Goalkeeper)
Alexis Mirbach
Alexis Mirbach (Goalkeeper)
Hugo Grandemange
Hugo Grandemange (Defender)
M. Caillard
M. Caillard (Goalkeeper)
Muamer Aljic
Muamer Aljic (Defender)
M. Udol
M. Udol (Defender)
Antoine Claudot
Antoine Claudot (Defender)
Oussmane Kébé
Oussmane Kébé (Defender)
Marc Laurent
Marc Laurent (Defender)
Mateusz Siebert
Mateusz Siebert (Defender)
Souleymane Moukhtar Sangaré
Souleymane Moukhtar Sangaré (Defender)
K. Kouao
K. Kouao (Defender)
Ismaël Gacé
Ismaël Gacé (Defender)
S. Alakouch
S. Alakouch (Defender)
Nicolas Borodine
Nicolas Borodine (Defender)
I. Traoré
I. Traoré (Defender)
David Luvualu
David Luvualu (Defender)
J. Kana-Biyik
J. Kana-Biyik (Defender)
Paul Léonard
Paul Léonard (Defender)
A. Lô
A. Lô (Defender)
Quentin Vogt
Quentin Vogt (Defender)
Lilian Raillot
Lilian Raillot (Defender)
Sofiane El Rhaity
Sofiane El Rhaity (Midfielder)
Fali Candé
Fali Candé (Defender)
Christopher Sorrene Makengo
Christopher Sorrene Makengo (Midfielder)
M. Cabit
M. Cabit (Defender)
Abdoulaye Niang
Abdoulaye Niang (Midfielder)
C. Sabaly
C. Sabaly (Midfielder)
Nianankoro Doumbia
Nianankoro Doumbia (Midfielder)
Y. Maziz
Y. Maziz (Midfielder)
Arthur Vallon
Arthur Vallon (Midfielder)
K. N'Doram
K. N'Doram (Midfielder)
Bryan Labissiere
Bryan Labissiere (Midfielder)
J. N'Duquidi
J. N'Duquidi (Midfielder)
Sébastien Chéré
Sébastien Chéré (Midfielder)
A. Jallow
A. Jallow (Midfielder)
Jérémy Colin
Jérémy Colin (Midfielder)
H. Maïga
H. Maïga (Midfielder)
L. Barreto
L. Barreto (Attacker)
D. Jean Jacques
D. Jean Jacques (Midfielder)
Ali M
Ali M'Madi (Attacker)
Xhuliano Skuka
Xhuliano Skuka (Attacker)
Madan Samba
Madan Samba (Attacker)
Vagner (Attacker)
Gaoussou Sackho
Gaoussou Sackho (Attacker)
Emmanuel Mayuka
Emmanuel Mayuka (Attacker)
Mathieu Leroux
Mathieu Leroux (Attacker)
Arthur Atta
Arthur Atta (Attacker)
Ismaël Camara
Ismaël Camara (Attacker)
H. Diallo
H. Diallo (Attacker)
Rafael Mazzei Ribeiro Chagas
Rafael Mazzei Ribeiro Chagas (Attacker)
L. Gueye
L. Gueye (Attacker)
Loango M
Loango M'Belé (Attacker)
L. Joseph
L. Joseph (Attacker)
Thibault Bourgeois
Thibault Bourgeois (Attacker)
N. de Préville
N. de Préville (Attacker)
G. Mikautadze
G. Mikautadze (Attacker)