Envigado x Deportes Tolima 30/10/2022 Primera A

On 30/10/2022, team Envigado faces team Deportes Tolima from the Primera A, Colombia. Follow the result and the live match of Envigado vs Deportes Tolima starting at 00:00, here at Sambafoot.

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Envigado vs Deportes Tolima Formações



A. Suárez
J. Agudelo


S. Londoño
S. Londoño (Goalkeeper)
Alexander Domínguez Carabalí
Alexander Domínguez Carabalí (Goalkeeper)
S. Asprilla
S. Asprilla (Goalkeeper)
J. Chaverra
J. Chaverra (Goalkeeper)
R. Fontalvo
R. Fontalvo (Goalkeeper)
D. Aguilar
D. Aguilar (Goalkeeper)
J. Parra
J. Parra (Goalkeeper)
Luis Gabriel Rivas Mosquera
Luis Gabriel Rivas Mosquera (Goalkeeper)
D. Melo
D. Melo (Goalkeeper)
C. Vargas
C. Vargas (Goalkeeper)
A. Tovar
A. Tovar (Goalkeeper)
G. Balanta
G. Balanta (Goalkeeper)
J. Banguera
J. Banguera (Defender)
W. Cuesta
W. Cuesta (Goalkeeper)
T. Soto
T. Soto (Defender)
J. Quiñónes
J. Quiñónes (Defender)
J. Zapata
J. Zapata (Defender)
A. Angulo
A. Angulo (Defender)
Yéiler Fabián Mosquera Mosquera
Yéiler Fabián Mosquera Mosquera (Defender)
J. Cuenú
J. Cuenú (Defender)
Geindry Steven Cuervo Holguín
Geindry Steven Cuervo Holguín (Defender)
C. Saiz
C. Saiz (Defender)
S. Noreña
S. Noreña (Defender)
L. Riascos
L. Riascos (Defender)
Y. Rodallega
Y. Rodallega (Defender)
S. Barbosa
S. Barbosa (Defender)
C. Ordóñez
C. Ordóñez (Defender)
J. Arboleda
J. Arboleda (Defender)
Y. Mosquera
Y. Mosquera (Midfielder)
L. Balanta
L. Balanta (Defender)
Alexis Zapata Álvarez
Alexis Zapata Álvarez (Midfielder)
Jeison Angulo
Jeison Angulo (Defender)
Esneider Yesid Yepes Lopéz
Esneider Yesid Yepes Lopéz (Midfielder)
William Parra Sinisterra
William Parra Sinisterra (Defender)
Y. Meneses
Y. Meneses (Midfielder)
Juan Angulo
Juan Angulo (Defender)
W. Hurtado
W. Hurtado (Midfielder)
N. Giraldo
N. Giraldo (Defender)
J. Suárez
J. Suárez (Midfielder)
D. Candelo
D. Candelo (Defender)
C. Andrade
C. Andrade (Midfielder)
H. Urrego
H. Urrego (Defender)
D. Betancourth
D. Betancourth (Midfielder)
O. Vallecilla
O. Vallecilla (Defender)
D. Arcila
D. Arcila (Midfielder)
E. Arango
E. Arango (Midfielder)
F. Jaramillo
F. Jaramillo (Midfielder)
F. Mosquera
F. Mosquera (Midfielder)
H. Mosquera
H. Mosquera (Midfielder)
J. Nieto
J. Nieto (Midfielder)
D. Rodríguez
D. Rodríguez (Midfielder)
E. Becerra
E. Becerra (Midfielder)
Bruno Moreira Soares
Bruno Moreira Soares (Midfielder)
K.  Pérez
K. Pérez (Midfielder)
Heiler Mosquera
Heiler Mosquera (Midfielder)
S. Lucumí
S. Lucumí (Midfielder)
A. Jiménez
A. Jiménez (Midfielder)
J. Valencia
J. Valencia (Midfielder)
E. López
E. López (Midfielder)
J. Mera
J. Mera (Midfielder)
D. Moreno
D. Moreno (Midfielder)
C. Esparragoza
C. Esparragoza (Midfielder)
J. Mejía
J. Mejía (Midfielder)
J. Zuluaga
J. Zuluaga (Midfielder)
S. Betancur
S. Betancur (Midfielder)
W. Dávila
W. Dávila (Midfielder)
A. Jiménez
A. Jiménez (Midfielder)
F. Boné
F. Boné (Midfielder)
J. Palacio
J. Palacio (Midfielder)
Jhon Jairo Solís Vélez
Jhon Jairo Solís Vélez (Midfielder)
L. Díaz
L. Díaz (Midfielder)
Y. Orozco
Y. Orozco (Midfielder)
Y. Celedón
Y. Celedón (Midfielder)
C. Trujillo
C. Trujillo (Midfielder)
P. España
P. España (Midfielder)
R. García
R. García (Midfielder)
Ivo Kestler
Ivo Kestler (Attacker)
E. Sosa
E. Sosa (Midfielder)
D. Zapata
D. Zapata (Attacker)
B. Gil
B. Gil (Attacker)
B. Sinisterra
B. Sinisterra (Attacker)
Juan David Carabalí Bravo
Juan David Carabalí Bravo (Attacker)
P. Álvarez
P. Álvarez (Attacker)
A. Plata
A. Plata (Attacker)
Camilo Andrés Paternina Molina
Camilo Andrés Paternina Molina (Attacker)
A. Prisco
A. Prisco (Attacker)
D. Córdoba
D. Córdoba (Attacker)
J. Hernández
J. Hernández (Attacker)
L. Díaz
L. Díaz (Attacker)
M. Sandoval
M. Sandoval (Attacker)
Gerardo Jiménez Reyes
Gerardo Jiménez Reyes (Attacker)
J. Caicedo
J. Caicedo (Attacker)
J. Caicedo
J. Caicedo (Attacker)
D. Herazo
D. Herazo (Attacker)
Alejandro Daniel Toledo
Alejandro Daniel Toledo (Attacker)
Y. Guzmán
Y. Guzmán (Attacker)
Luis Felipe Gómez Palomi
Luis Felipe Gómez Palomi (Attacker)
E. Angulo
E. Angulo (Attacker)
J. Hernández
J. Hernández (Attacker)
Á. Meléndez
Á. Meléndez (Attacker)
J. Tegue
J. Tegue (Attacker)
S. Villa
S. Villa (Attacker)
J. Rubiano
J. Rubiano (Attacker)
Julián Estiben Angulo Sevillano
Julián Estiben Angulo Sevillano (Attacker)
M. Rangel
M. Rangel (Attacker)
A. Rentería
A. Rentería (Attacker)
C. Payares
C. Payares (Attacker)