Drogheda United x Sligo Rovers 24/06/2022 Premier Division

Colm Horgan
Colm Horgan
football card
(Karl O’Sullivan)
arrows rounded right left
Darragh Markey (Dayle Rooney)
arrows rounded right left
David Cawley (Niall Morahan)
arrows rounded right left
Adam Foley
Adam Foley
arrows rounded right left
football card
Lewis Banks
Lewis Banks
football card

On 24/06/2022, team Drogheda United faces team Sligo Rovers from the Premier Division, Ireland. Follow the result and the live match of Drogheda United vs Sligo Rovers starting at 21:45, here at Sambafoot.

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Drogheda United vs Sligo Rovers Formações



K. Doherty
L. Buckley


Lee Steacy
Lee Steacy (Goalkeeper)
Luke McNicholas
Luke McNicholas (Goalkeeper)
Colin McCabe
Colin McCabe (Goalkeeper)
Richard Brush
Richard Brush (Goalkeeper)
George Poynton
George Poynton (Defender)
Conor Walsh
Conor Walsh (Goalkeeper)
Andrew Quinn
Andrew Quinn (Defender)
Regan Donelon
Regan Donelon (Defender)
Evan Weir
Evan Weir (Defender)
Colm Horgan
Colm Horgan (Defender)
Dane Massey
Dane Massey (Defender)
Patrick Kirk
Patrick Kirk (Defender)
Keith Cowan
Keith Cowan (Defender)
Éanna Clancy
Éanna Clancy (Defender)
Luke Heeney
Luke Heeney (Midfielder)
Danny Kane
Danny Kane (Defender)
Dayle Rooney
Dayle Rooney (Midfielder)
Nando Zen Pijnaker
Nando Zen Pijnaker (Defender)
Emre Topcu
Emre Topcu (Midfielder)
Lewis Banks
Lewis Banks (Defender)
Dylan Grimes
Dylan Grimes (Midfielder)
Garry Buckley
Garry Buckley (Defender)
Gary Richard Deegan
Gary Richard Deegan (Midfielder)
Peter Maguire
Peter Maguire (Defender)
Darragh Markey
Darragh Markey (Midfielder)
Shane Blaney
Shane Blaney (Defender)
Stevan Stanic-Floody
Stevan Stanic-Floody (Midfielder)
Niall Morahan
Niall Morahan (Midfielder)
Darragh Noone
Darragh Noone (Midfielder)
Adam Patrick McDonnell
Adam Patrick McDonnell (Midfielder)
Ryan Brennan
Ryan Brennan (Midfielder)
Seamas Keogh
Seamas Keogh (Midfielder)
Adam Foley
Adam Foley (Attacker)
David Cawley
David Cawley (Midfielder)
Dinny Corcoran
Dinny Corcoran (Attacker)
Mark Byrne
Mark Byrne (Midfielder)
Dean Williams
Dean Williams (Attacker)
Gregory Bolger
Gregory Bolger (Midfielder)
Chris Lyons
Chris Lyons (Attacker)
John Russell
John Russell (Midfielder)
Kailin Barlow
Kailin Barlow (Midfielder)
Robert Lee Burton
Robert Lee Burton (Midfielder)
Fabrice Daniel Hartmann
Fabrice Daniel Hartmann (Midfielder)
Max Andrew Mata
Max Andrew Mata (Attacker)
Jordan Patrick Dear Hamilton
Jordan Patrick Dear Hamilton (Attacker)
Frank Liivak
Frank Liivak (Attacker)
Cillian Heaney
Cillian Heaney (Attacker)
Karl O’Sullivan
Karl O’Sullivan (Attacker)
Romeo Ovando Parkes
Romeo Ovando Parkes (Attacker)
Aidan Keena
Aidan Keena (Attacker)
Ryan Keith De Vries
Ryan Keith De Vries (Attacker)
Darren Collins
Darren Collins (Attacker)
William Fitzgerald
William Fitzgerald (Attacker)