Boca Juniors x Olimpo Bahia Blanca 26/03/2023 Copa Argentina

Gonzalo Agustín Sández
Gonzalo Agustín Sández

On 26/03/2023, team Boca Juniors faces team Olimpo Bahia Blanca from the Copa Argentina, Argentina. Follow the result and the live match of Boca Juniors vs Olimpo Bahia Blanca starting at 01:00, here at Sambafoot.

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Boca Juniors vs Olimpo Bahia Blanca Formações



D. Martínez


S. Díaz
S. Díaz (Goalkeeper)
Martín Julián García
Martín Julián García (Goalkeeper)
Javier Hernán García
Javier Hernán García (Goalkeeper)
G. Sanhueza
G. Sanhueza (Goalkeeper)
L. Brey
L. Brey (Goalkeeper)
Matías Mayo
Matías Mayo (Defender)
A. Lastra
A. Lastra (Goalkeeper)
Lautaro Sejter
Lautaro Sejter (Defender)
Sergio Germán Romero
Sergio Germán Romero (Goalkeeper)
S. Palacio
S. Palacio (Defender)
Lautaro Emanuel Blanco
Lautaro Emanuel Blanco (Defender)
Martín Ariel Pucheta
Martín Ariel Pucheta (Defender)
L. Advíncula
L. Advíncula (Defender)
Marcos Daniel Valor
Marcos Daniel Valor (Defender)
M. Rojo
M. Rojo (Defender)
Gianfranco Rossi
Gianfranco Rossi (Defender)
Facundo Sebastián Roncaglia
Facundo Sebastián Roncaglia (Defender)
Franco Daniel Flores
Franco Daniel Flores (Defender)
L. Di Lollo
L. Di Lollo (Defender)
Elías Misael Fugas
Elías Misael Fugas (Defender)
Marcelo Alexis Weigandt
Marcelo Alexis Weigandt (Defender)
V. Roselli
V. Roselli (Defender)
A. Anselmino
A. Anselmino (Defender)
Diego Hernán Ramírez
Diego Hernán Ramírez (Midfielder)
N. Figal
N. Figal (Defender)
I. Tello
I. Tello (Midfielder)
C. Lema
C. Lema (Defender)
Sebastián Tobías Fernández
Sebastián Tobías Fernández (Midfielder)
Lucas Blondel
Lucas Blondel (Defender)
Facundo Andrés Affranchino
Facundo Andrés Affranchino (Midfielder)
F. Fabra
F. Fabra (Defender)
Federico Freire Pisano
Federico Freire Pisano (Midfielder)
Nicolás Valentini
Nicolás Valentini (Defender)
Ivo Fausto Di Buo
Ivo Fausto Di Buo (Midfielder)
M. Saracchi
M. Saracchi (Defender)
Thiago Daniel Faur
Thiago Daniel Faur (Midfielder)
Ezequiel Eduardo Bullaude
Ezequiel Eduardo Bullaude (Midfielder)
Fabio Rodrigo Giménez
Fabio Rodrigo Giménez (Midfielder)
Guillermo Matías Fernández
Guillermo Matías Fernández (Midfielder)
Joaquín Iván Cepeda
Joaquín Iván Cepeda (Midfielder)
Agustín Sansoni
Agustín Sansoni (Midfielder)
Nadir Hadad
Nadir Hadad (Midfielder)
Mauricio Leonel Benítez
Mauricio Leonel Benítez (Midfielder)
B. Peralta
B. Peralta (Midfielder)
Jabes Saralegui
Jabes Saralegui (Midfielder)
Leandro González
Leandro González (Attacker)
R. Rodríguez
R. Rodríguez (Midfielder)
Enzo Gabriel Coacci
Enzo Gabriel Coacci (Attacker)
Ignacio Ezequiél Agustín Fernández Carballo
Ignacio Ezequiél Agustín Fernández Carballo (Midfielder)
Luis Alfredo Vila
Luis Alfredo Vila (Attacker)
C. Medina
C. Medina (Midfielder)
Santiago Nicolás Gutiérrez
Santiago Nicolás Gutiérrez (Attacker)
J. Ramírez
J. Ramírez (Midfielder)
Alejandro Daniel Toledo
Alejandro Daniel Toledo (Attacker)
J. Campuzano
J. Campuzano (Midfielder)
Aldo Andrés Araujo
Aldo Andrés Araujo (Attacker)
J. Ceballos
J. Ceballos (Midfielder)
Rodrigo Javier Trejo
Rodrigo Javier Trejo (Attacker)
Kevin Andrés Zenón
Kevin Andrés Zenón (Midfielder)
Luca Daniel Langoni
Luca Daniel Langoni (Attacker)
D. Benedetto
D. Benedetto (Attacker)
Vicente Taborda
Vicente Taborda (Attacker)
Juan Pablo Cabaña
Juan Pablo Cabaña (Attacker)
N. Briasco
N. Briasco (Attacker)
M. Poy
M. Poy (Attacker)
E. Cavani
E. Cavani (Attacker)
Juan Ignacio Baiardino
Juan Ignacio Baiardino (Attacker)
L. Janson
L. Janson (Attacker)
M. Merentiel
M. Merentiel (Attacker)
E. Zeballos
E. Zeballos (Attacker)
S. Villa
S. Villa (Attacker)