Alianza Petrolera x Deportivo Pereira 12/02/2024 Colombia Primera A

On 12/02/2024, team Alianza Petrolera faces team Deportivo Pereira from the Colombia Primera A, Colombia. Follow the result and the live match of Alianza Petrolera vs Deportivo Pereira starting at 04:20, here at Sambafoot.

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Alianza Petrolera vs Deportivo Pereira Formações



C. Torres
A. Restrepo


J. Mora
J. Mora (Goalkeeper)
S. Londoño
S. Londoño (Goalkeeper)
P. Grazziani
P. Grazziani (Goalkeeper)
Daniel Felipe Fajardo Londoño
Daniel Felipe Fajardo Londoño (Goalkeeper)
J. Arturo
J. Arturo (Goalkeeper)
Neyder Yesid Aragón Carmona
Neyder Yesid Aragón Carmona (Goalkeeper)
Carlos Alexander Mosquera Blandón
Carlos Alexander Mosquera Blandón (Goalkeeper)
M. Espíndola
M. Espíndola (Goalkeeper)
E. Castaño
E. Castaño (Goalkeeper)
F. Mosquera
F. Mosquera (Goalkeeper)
Brayan Camilo Gómez Díaz
Brayan Camilo Gómez Díaz (Defender)
J. Betancourth
J. Betancourth (Goalkeeper)
Pedro Camilo Franco Ulloa
Pedro Camilo Franco Ulloa (Defender)
S. Castaño
S. Castaño (Goalkeeper)
J. Caracas
J. Caracas (Defender)
Salvador Ichazo Fernández
Salvador Ichazo Fernández (Goalkeeper)
E. Navarro
E. Navarro (Defender)
J. Jordán
J. Jordán (Defender)
L. Ospina
L. Ospina (Defender)
J. Mena
J. Mena (Defender)
Jesús Antonio Figueroa Olaya
Jesús Antonio Figueroa Olaya (Defender)
E. Moreno
E. Moreno (Defender)
A. Rentería
A. Rentería (Defender)
Jesús Steven Murillo León
Jesús Steven Murillo León (Defender)
L. Saldaña
L. Saldaña (Defender)
K. Kury
K. Kury (Defender)
J. Clavijo
J. Clavijo (Defender)
Juan Mosquera
Juan Mosquera (Defender)
H. Mosquera
H. Mosquera (Defender)
Santiago Andrés Aguilar Murillo
Santiago Andrés Aguilar Murillo (Defender)
A. Simarra
A. Simarra (Defender)
J. Moya
J. Moya (Defender)
S. Orejuela
S. Orejuela (Defender)
César Stiven Manzano Herrera
César Stiven Manzano Herrera (Defender)
Samuel David Rivera Pulido
Samuel David Rivera Pulido (Defender)
J. Pestaña
J. Pestaña (Defender)
C. Hurtado
C. Hurtado (Defender)
Y. Súarez
Y. Súarez (Defender)
D. Tapia
D. Tapia (Defender)
N. Giraldo
N. Giraldo (Defender)
S. Acosta
S. Acosta (Midfielder)
Jordy Joâo Monroy Ararat
Jordy Joâo Monroy Ararat (Defender)
J.Saña (Midfielder)
D. Cano
D. Cano (Defender)
Brayan Esteban Blandón Ramírez
Brayan Esteban Blandón Ramírez (Midfielder)
Jhon Vásquez
Jhon Vásquez (Defender)
R. Blanco
R. Blanco (Midfielder)
Larry Johan Angulo Riascos
Larry Johan Angulo Riascos (Midfielder)
J. Castillo
J. Castillo (Midfielder)
J. Murillo
J. Murillo (Midfielder)
R. Manjarrés
R. Manjarrés (Midfielder)
Luis Alberto López Moreno
Luis Alberto López Moreno (Midfielder)
A. Morales
A. Morales (Midfielder)
J. Ríos
J. Ríos (Midfielder)
N. Rodríguez
N. Rodríguez (Midfielder)
Jhonny Vásquez
Jhonny Vásquez (Midfielder)
Ever William Meza Mercado
Ever William Meza Mercado (Midfielder)
Santiago Montoya Muñoz
Santiago Montoya Muñoz (Midfielder)
M. Torres
M. Torres (Midfielder)
C. Garcés
C. Garcés (Midfielder)
C. Blanco
C. Blanco (Midfielder)
Damián Javier Waller Grosso
Damián Javier Waller Grosso (Midfielder)
F. Flórez
F. Flórez (Midfielder)
E. Moreno
E. Moreno (Midfielder)
R. Colpa
R. Colpa (Midfielder)
J. Pérez
J. Pérez (Midfielder)
J. Arenas
J. Arenas (Midfielder)
Daniel Restrepo Agudelo
Daniel Restrepo Agudelo (Midfielder)
S. Orozco
S. Orozco (Midfielder)
Y. Cabrera
Y. Cabrera (Midfielder)
N. Reyes
N. Reyes (Midfielder)
J. Bermúdez
J. Bermúdez (Midfielder)
E. Batalla
E. Batalla (Midfielder)
L. Serna
L. Serna (Midfielder)
J. Muñoz
J. Muñoz (Midfielder)
J. Osorio
J. Osorio (Midfielder)
S. Cano
S. Cano (Midfielder)
R. Navarro
R. Navarro (Midfielder)
Marlon Junior Torres Obeso
Marlon Junior Torres Obeso (Midfielder)
Ewil Hernando Murillo Rentería
Ewil Hernando Murillo Rentería (Midfielder)
Julio Cesar España Gallo
Julio Cesar España Gallo (Midfielder)
Delio Ángel Ramírez Raigosa
Delio Ángel Ramírez Raigosa (Midfielder)
S. Cárdenas
S. Cárdenas (Midfielder)
K. Palacios
K. Palacios (Midfielder)
K. Torres
K. Torres (Midfielder)
A. Piedrahita
A. Piedrahita (Midfielder)
John Wilmar Arango Monsalve
John Wilmar Arango Monsalve (Midfielder)
Luis González
Luis González (Midfielder)
Mayer Andrés Gil Hurtado
Mayer Andrés Gil Hurtado (Midfielder)
J. Bazán
J. Bazán (Midfielder)
J. Parra
J. Parra (Attacker)
S. Merheg
S. Merheg (Attacker)
Juan David Rueda Duarte
Juan David Rueda Duarte (Attacker)
D. Quintero
D. Quintero (Attacker)
M. Rangel
M. Rangel (Attacker)
Jhon Stiven Quinto Gómez
Jhon Stiven Quinto Gómez (Attacker)
Joel Contreras
Joel Contreras (Attacker)
Santiago Manuel Gómez
Santiago Manuel Gómez (Attacker)
D. Valdes
D. Valdes (Attacker)
Arley José Rodríguez Henry
Arley José Rodríguez Henry (Attacker)
D. Quintero
D. Quintero (Attacker)
A. Álvarez
A. Álvarez (Attacker)
A. Rentería
A. Rentería (Attacker)
A. Rodríguez
A. Rodríguez (Attacker)
N. Rengifo
N. Rengifo (Attacker)
Gonzalo Lencina
Gonzalo Lencina (Attacker)
Javier Steven García mosquera
Javier Steven García mosquera (Attacker)
A. Ibargüen
A. Ibargüen (Attacker)
F. Gil
F. Gil (Attacker)