Durival Britto e Silva

Icon Flag Brazil


Birthplace: Curitiba
State: PR
Capacity: 16600
Field Sizes: 75x110


When Brazil gained the right to organize the World cup of football in
1950, the first after 12 years of absence following the
international conflicts, the town of Curitiba proposed to accomodate
the most prestigious competition of football in the world. The
paranaense federation of football offered to the CBD (Confederation
bresilienne sports) the splendid stage Durival Britto E Silva recently
inaugurates. The CBD accepted the candidates’ file of Curitiba, thanks
to the existence of the Ferroviário’s ground, then a
technical commission of the Steering Committee analyzed the
infrastructures of the stage. Between the Members of the Commission,
one could find the paranaense Mozart Giorgio, born in the zone from
the Tiger and support of Britânia. The stage barrel approves by the
unanimite and, in June 25, 1950, accueilla the Spain meeting 3 X the
United States 1. The second match in Curitiba happened on June 29
with a match is entered Paraguay and Sweden two everywhere. The
stage Durival E Britto E Silva will remain in the history of the large
sporting monuments of our world.