Samba Gold Trophy 2021

Samba Gold is awarded to the best Brazilian player who plays abroad. The award takes into account the athlete’s stats, role, achievements and overall impact on their club from the beginning to the end of the year. In 2020, ace Neymar was the big winner.

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14th Edition in the History of the Award

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Starting this year, the award will feature an important new feature: the debut of Samba Gold Women 2021!

In addition to the new modality, another change will further increase the relevance of the award: the trophy will now be given to the best Brazilians on the field outside Brazil, regardless of the continent in which they operate – unlike in previous years, when only athletes competing in Europe.

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Samba Gold was created by Samba Agency (Sambafoot) in 2008 and had former midfielder Kaká as its first winner. In the last edition, Neymar took the trophy home and became the biggest winner in the history of the award, with four triumphs in total. Thiago Silva occupies the second position in the ranking, with three awards.

Samba Gold exclusively rewarded men’s football. But, due to the growth of the women category on the national and international scene, this year the first Samba Gold will be launched to honor women in Brazilian football: the Samba Gold Women 2021. And the award, which took into account the performance of athletes in the territory uniquely European, will now be expanded to all continents.

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Learn about the prize rules:

Samba Gold

Article #1

The goal is to name the 30 Brazilian players who stood out in the year and who play abroad, in the male and female categories. The trophy will be disputed by voting from December 15, 2021, the same day that the list of finalists for each modality will be revealed.

The Voters

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Samba Gold voters belong to three distinct groups: the first is made up of website readers; the second is formed by a group of “official selectors” chosen by Sambafoot (former players, managers and coaches); and the third consists of journalists specializing in international football.

Voting Process

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Voting will be organized as follows: readers, “official selectors” and journalists will be able to vote between December 15, 2021 and January 14, 2022. The votes of the three groups have the same electoral weight.

The Trophy

Article #4

The trophy will be delivered by Sambafoot directly to the two winners, male and female, who will have their names revealed on January 24, 2022. The date of delivery of the trophies will be announced through the website.


Article #5

The finalist lists are composed of 30 male and 30 female names, and will be available on the Sambafoot website. Each voter must choose a number from each list. The most voted will be awarded the Samba Gold 2021 and Samba Gold Female 2021.

Women's Sambaa Gold 2021

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