Samba Gold 2020

The Samba Gold is awarded to the best Brazilian player playing in Europe. The award takes into account the player’s statistics, role, achievements and overall impact at his club from the start until the end of the year.

Vote for the Samba Gold 2020 winner! 30-man final short-list announced
Clock 21/01/2021 12:33 PM
The 30-man shortlist for the Samba de Ouro 2020 award has been released. The winner is set to be announced at the end of February.

Our History

The inaugural award was made in 2008. The Samba Gold is determined by three voter panels: journalists, fellow footballers, and votes from our followers. The very first winner of the prestigious award was Brazilian legend Kaka. The current holder of the award is Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson Becker who claimed the honors for 2019.

More information
Learn About the Rules of the Award:

Article 1. Samba Gold

The aim is to appoint the best European based Brazilian player of the year. The trophy (the exclusive property of the which will be delivered at the end of February.

Article 2. The Voters

Samba Gold voters belong to three distinct groups: the first consists of the web site’s readers; the second, consisting of a group of eleven ‘official selectors’ chosen by Sambafoot (ex-players, managers of players, coaches and other leaders in touch with Brazilian football), and the third which consists of journalists all expert in European football.

Article 3. Voting Process

The vote will be organized as follows: our followers, the “VIP electors” and the journalists will be able to vote from day January 20th to February 19th. The votes of the three groups have the same electoral weight.

Article 4. The Trophy

The trophy will be delivered by Sambafoot directly to chosen best player, which will be shown on Sambafoot by the end of February. The delivery of the first trophy winner will be first publicly revealed on

Article 5. Nominations

The list of players initially will be composed of 30 names and made available on the site. Each voter must choose their number one player on the list. The most voted player will be awarded with Samba Gold.