Volta Redonda unwilling to host Copa do Brasil games

The City Hall of Volta Redonda have confirmed that they have no intention to honor the Copa do Brasil games as announced by the CBF.
© Rodrigo Coca / Agência Corinthians

City Hall have confirmed that they will not honor the Copa do Brasil games which are scheduled to be played in Volta Redonda. This piece of news came not long after the CBF confirmed that the game between Corinthians and Retrô for the Copa do Brasil on Friday will take place in Volta Redonda.

In a statement made by the City Hall, they were quoted to have said: “There was preliminary conversation, but the city did not hit the hammer. The matches of the Copa do Brasil will not happen. There will be no Copa do Brasil matches in Volta Redonda.”

As it stands, CBF are yet to issue a response on the matter but they are expected to do so within the next 24 hours.

While the City Hall of Volta doesn’t intent to host games of the Copa do Brasil, they will host two games valid for the Paulista Championship: Corinthians and Mirassol will take place on Tuesday while the fixture between Santos and Ponte Preta will be on Wednesday.

In another statement by the City Hall, they explained their decision to carry on with the Paulista games in Volta Redonda.

“There was a veto back there. Even with the involvement of FERJ, it was believed that this was all resolved. We are going to host these two games (from Paulista) because there was already negotiations between the federation and clubs”

It would now be up to CBF for the final line of action regarding these games.

Another three Copa do Brasil games are still to be held in other cities:

25/3 (Thursday) – Palmas-TO vs Avaí – (Cascavel)

26/3 (Friday) – Ypiranga-AP vs Santa Cruz-PE (Mesquita)

27/3 (Saturday) – Goianésia-GO vs CRB-AL – 15h30 (Mesquita)