Sport battle out to a hard-fought victory against Fluminense

With the absence of Thiago Neves, Sport had to battle it out to a hard fought victory against Fluminense.
21/09/2020 10:28 AM
Sport Clube do Recife x Fluminense F.C Brasileirão 2020

Playing using the Jair Ventura style, with little ball domination of possession with more defensive approach, Rubro-negro had a penalty which was converted by Hernane Brocador. However, it was just enough for them to claim all the three points. 

In the first half, Sport came out on top with the best chances of the game.

To such an extent that it took only three minutes to have a dangerous attack stopped by PatricHowever, at 10 minutesBarcia was brought down in the territory. A penalty was given which was converted by Hernane Brocador to open the scoring. 

 Until the first half ended, Rubro-negro dominated in the game. Fluminense likewise took had a chance with Ganso from a distance. The endeavor was attempt was good, yet wound up going out of range. With that, the first half ended with Sport in the lead. 

In the second half, the game began well and Sport stated great as well. They appeared with a goal scoring chance after a corner kick from Luciano Juba. Although, it was something that just occurred in the first minutes of the second stage. Fluminense developed and began to pressure Leão and it lasted until the last minutes.  

Tricolor could have shaken the nets on the Island, yet they failed to take in their chance and ran into Luan Polli’s defence. The team even made some runs all over yet there was no chance. The second half was bore and there was no real creativity. 

Sport returns to the pitch on Wednesday, when they host Corinthians on Ilha do Retiro. Fluminense hosts Coritiba at Maracanã on September 28. 


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