Palmas president and four players lose their lives in fatal plane crash

In what comes as a sad event, tragedy struck hard as Brazilian fourth-tier club Palmas lost their president and four players of the club to a fatal plane crash.
Palmas FC
© Chapecoense

A tragic accident occurred in the northern state of Tocantins on Sunday, taking the life of four players and the president of Brazilian fourth-tier club Palmas in a plane crash.

The small aircraft was transporting the players with their president to a Brazilian cup game against Vila Nova on Sunday. Sadly, a fatal accident meant all passengers onboard lost their lives.

Reports claimed the plane came down just minutes after take-off and collided heavily into the ground just at the end of the runway.

The cause of the crash is yet to be identified, and the statement released after the crash did not identify the type of plane.

However, the club released an official statement that confirmed what reports were saying. A statement on the Palmas website confirmed that president Lucas Meira accompanied by Lucas Praxedes, Guilherme Noe, Ranule and Marcus Molinari, all died. The pilot, whose name was called Wagner, also sadly did not make it out alive in the crash.

The statement from the club read:”The plane took off and crashed at the end of the runway at the Tocantinense Aviation Association.”

“We regret to report there are no survivors.”

The players were on their way to Goiania (just 500 miles from their current location) when the accident happened.

Given the turn of events, the Brazilian Football Confederation went on to postpone that fixture.

It is another sad plane crash event that has plagued Brazilian football after a plane crash involving Chapeconese killed 71 out of 77 people onboard back in 2016.