Minas Gerais government ban games from other states in their territory

Following the “Purple Wave” announced by Governor Romeu Zema, games from other states will not be allowed in Minas Gerais as part of a preventive measure 
© Atletico

After a meeting held on Monday, the government of Minas Gerais was quick to announce that football games would not be allowed for teams coming in from other states into the capital.

This measure, ‘Onda Roxa’ is scheduled to begin on Wednesday and is a measure taken by the state as they try to contain the latest covid-19 strain. It would last for 15 days at the very least and is compulsory for all the cities in Minas Gerais.

“It would be very inconsistent for us to take such a tough and restrictive measure, like the one we are taking in the state, and allow games from other states to take place here in Minas Gerais.”

“Onda Roxa, unlike other waves in the Minas Consciente program, is mandatory.

Every municipality has to adhere to Onda Roxa, and in this way, football from another state will not be able to function due to the obvious lack of possibility for hotels to work and all that. This expands to all municipalities in Minas Gerais” said Fabio Baccheretti, the state secretary of Health.

Three matches, involving teams from outside MG, were already scheduled to hold on Wednesday. Speaking on the outcome of these games, Baccheretti said that those teams would be asked to return to their state of origin as they are not essential activities.

However, the game between São Bento and Palmeiras, for the Paulista Championship, and two matches for the Brazil Cup, would be held in Minas Gerais this Wednesday and Thursday. These games cannot take place in their places of origin because of the government’s ban as well, still in a bid to tackle covid-19.

Will the Mineiro Championship continue?

Asked if the Mineiro Championship will continue, Baccheretti said that there will be a meeting to decide the final decision but it may likely be stopped.

“We really consider the maintenance of any type of game as a technical area inconsistent. We will discuss today, during the day, with all the federations and everyone involved to find a conclusion on this, but the technical area realizes that it would be such a restrictive measure, like Onda Roxa, the maintenance of games would be, in a way, very complex.”