Mano Menezes steps down as Bahia coach following defeat to Flamengo

Mano Menezes has officially been dismissed as Bahia coach after the club lost to Flamengo and the coach was also accused of racist remarks
Mano Menezes 21/12/2020
© EC Bahia

Over the past few weeks, the sacking of Mano Menezes as Bahia boss was looking more and more likely with each passing game.

A 4-3 defeat to Flamengo on Sunday proved to be the final nail in the coffin for the manager and for many reasons.

The obvious reason being that Bahia find themselves at a lowly 16th place in the Brazilian Championship. They have also recorded five losses from their last five outings.

However, a more recent incident also adds to the woes of Mano Menezes. The 58-year-old was also involved in a controversial incident after Flamengo’s Gerson complained about racist remarks from on Bahia midfielder Índio Ramírez.

Reports claim the coach himself asked to leave the club and an official statement was made on the club’s website.

A statement read: “Esporte Clube Bahia announces that Mano Menezes is no longer the Squad coach. On this same occasion, we take the opportunity to announce that, in relation to the serious accusation of racism involving Colombian Indio Ramírez, the club will take a position soon after finalizing the investigation of the case”

Mano Menezes was appointed Bahia manager in September as a replacement for Roger Machado. He signed a contract until the end of 2021 but he didn’t even last the whole duration apparently. Many were fairly optimistic about his arrival at the time but things have only gotten worse under his command.  As it stands, Bahia even have the worst defence in the Brasileirão, after conceding 46 goals from 26 games.

Altogether, Bahia played 24 games with Mano Menezes in charge. In that time, his record reads eight wins, two draws and an appalling 14 losses all together.